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Harper Seven!!


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True, but I wouldn't want to be writing that down on anything. I would say Poor Kid, but she's not going to be is she!! Would have been better giving that middle name to one of the boys!

Apparently Harper is normally a boy's name too. Odd. Most odd couple *confused*


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i was gonna say poor kid too. i mean theres wanting to be different in respect to names but you've gotta look at the bigger picture, shes got that name for her whole life....im gonna say it anyways...poor kid :)

each to their own though i guess


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I've always thought naming your kids is one of the hardest things to do but still, at least give her a girl's name.

Just had a thought, I bet someone will come along soon who has called their daughter Harper........


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Actually the author of "To Kill a Mockingbird" was called Harper. Harper Lee, maybe the Beckhams have turned cultural now they're getting on a bit lol
I have to say I am with Shirleen here .. I like the name .. I did think that posh would have gone for something much more girly and pretty , but I really like the name .. and seven is a middle name .. my kidds both have middle names that mean a lot to us but arent necessarily what we would have chosen ( my eldest is Elena caroline ( caroline was hubbies mum ) and youngest is Abigail Bess ( Bessie was my nan) .
I think its a very normal name for a celeb ... much better than apple or trixie tinkerbell princess ... blah blah

good on ya Beckhams :)


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I dont mind it - i had a Nannie Harper (it was her Surname!) and it makes me think of her! :)

Harpers and Queen? perhaps thats the inspiration.
Oh I don't mind it at all was just commenting, no different to Ange and Brad calling their little girl Shiloh lol. (I think that's her name!)
I know of a Summer and a Season


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I quite like Shiloh. Summer is great for a little girl but I'm not keen on Season.
Each to their own, good that we have differing opinions though!


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I absolutely love the name Harper never heard it before, but the name Seven I'm not a huge fan of.

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