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Has any1 cheated whilst on LT?

I t depends what and how much you have eaten......wow to cheat in the first week though .....it was weeks before I was even tempted to eat, it all depends how much you want to lose the weight.
hey, no I haven't cheated at all. Really thought about it though but it's not worth it. Think how hard it is to get into ketosis and think of the money you're spending too. It's easier not to cheat really. Hope you're ok.

I managed 8 weeks with no cheating at all, I picked a bit at Christmas and then went off the rails for a day. i got back on but every third day I slipped up again and had something comforting like toast. This week I managed to get to day 6 but had a little something I shouldn't last night. But today was a new day and I even managed to go out to a big family sunday lunch at the pub and just had jugfuls of water and my soup.

It was much easier when I wouldn't let anything pass my lips that wasn't allowed in case it upset the ketosis but now I seem to keep just having a little taste of protein, which should be ok. I really need to get back in the zone, am expecting a goodish weightloss this week as it will actually be 9 days since I restarted properly.

As I am now weaaring clothes 1 or 2 sizes smaller and people keep complimenting me on how much better I look I'm finding it much harder!
Well i started off with no cheating but slowly small titbits of protein turned to a breakout and i ended up stopping lipotrim for a full week and put up 5 pounds. It has been so hard to restart and i am nearly in ketosis (hopefully) but it has taught me not to cheat.

After i ate, i wrote down how i was feeling (eg. bloated, spotty, nauseous) and i have read this when im craving anything and this has helped, i would definitely recommend a diary for motivation, helps keep me out of the cupboards too. :rolleyes:

Best of luck with getting back on track, then you are closer to your goal and trying.
Hi, I have cheated a few times. It depends what you eat whether it will kick you out of ketosis. I ate over xmas, as soon as i had chocolate i was out of ketosis! I did have a meal the other day, i was on a week away training, and had spent the rest of the week in my hotel room while my other work mates went out for dinner, so last day decided i had to share one meal with them! I ate a chicken breast and some garlic spinach. I managed to stay in ketosis which i was chuffed about, but i am sure my weight loss would have been greater if I hadnt eaten that meal!
thanks everyone for ur reply. i must admit ive thought bout it, but as u save i jus crave food thats all. ive stuck to it 100% and am goin for my 1st WI
tomro. cant wait!!! (oopppss was too eager to post lol)


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
To be honest I think that the greatest thing and the worst thing about Lipotrim is that its very minimal about what we can have - and that's it!! Straightforward.

I like it because you if you follow the plan you cannot go wrong. You cannot 'accidently' drink too much water and feck it all up.

And then obv the worst because its very limited.

Good luck with your WI tomorro and Well Done everybody for sticking with it.

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