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Has anybody else..


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I have been up in London for 4 days, shopping and eating...I have had a lovely time and not stuck to plan at all...But it was worth it!!
Next week will be the same...Start afresh after Christmas for me I think

Good luck

Things aren't as bad as they first seem
Hmmmm a bit - Friday wasn't a good day for me! It involved KFC and a lot of wine! xx


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Ive gone over my syns every bloody day but managed to exercise enough to not put on. Its frustrating


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I had a flexi syn day on Friday as I had a meal and wine with a good friend. I had planned it, and had cut back on syns prior and since so I think I am ok, and certainly on the right track.
My WI was Tuesday and I was 1 lb away from my stone and a half award. My SWC asked is there was anything stopping me from getting it this coming week and I said NO! Well by Thursday I'd had a Subway Sandwich, a KFC and a Burger King, lol. I've been good since but who knows what damage that will have done, eeeeek!!
I have been to 2 end of term parties both of which were accidental attendancies and involved a few drinks and nibbles and crisps that I would not normally eat. I normally go to class on a Tuesday but will be out on my team do this week where the food will be fabby and totally off plan but I will be driving so not drinking cause I work miles away from home.
I started my 'break' on Friday after I got weighed. I was starting to feel really miserable about missing out on Xmas food and stuff. Trying not to go mad, but I just can't help it. I suck at 'being good'. But at least I know I can jump straight back on the SW wagon in the new year and I plan to go all out and try my absolute best to lose the weight next year :D
I havent been too good myself, I find im not counting my syns as strictly as usual. I know im not going too mad but for instance I just heaped the butter into my jacket potato yesterday.... I have avoided all Christmas food so far though.
Yep lost it here too, luckily I'm still in target but I won't be if I keep it up I need 4 days on plan to claw back some of the damage before christmas
Yes me too! 4 bottles of wine at the weekend and already 4 slices of toast and butter arrrgh


Gin and tonic please!
Yep, I ended up having chinese on Friday night, and had my first 'Christmas' with some friends yesterday and ate and drank like it was going out of fashion.
I'm missing my WI tonight as I have plans, but back on plan trying to help fix any damage.
If I eat any more pineapple I think I'll turn into one!:D


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
yep lost the plot 2 went to chippie on fri night b4 7 and had pastie supper(had cheek to be reading a sw mag while stuffing face with pastie supper lol) plus for lunch i had had a chicken and stuffing wholemeal roll. Did a fast for africaat 7pm on fri so couldnt eat until sat at 7pm , at 7.30 went out for xmas dinner and eat the lot plus a mince pie and cream yesterday went to a carol service with sandwhiches etc after which i really wanted to eat but didint so am hoping to stay the same or alittle off but generaly the month of december is when some pounds come back to say hello


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I had 3 sausage sandiwches yesterday. Home made of course with cheese and brown sauce. Felt very guilty and fat for the res tof today and this morning :(
It's hard isn't it? Knowing that class isn't on until 7th Jan is making very tempting to indulge, especially given that I'm feeling very pre-menstrual and just want to stuff my face! At the moment, it seems every other day is fully on plan and every other day is flexi syn. I'm off work now too so I miss the structure and routine and I'm not eating as much fruit as I should because there's so much other yummy stuff around.

I'm just going to keep on being fully committed when I can - damage limitation and once I'm back at work on the 4th, things should click back into place.

I'm hoping for a maintain on first weigh in, but any more than a 2lb gain and I will be gutted!

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