Has anybody ever????


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Nor can I say ive had it, as long as you enjoyed it thats all that matters :) Whose to say its wrong, lol.

Mrs V

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This sounds like the type of things I do!
I havent tried a bolognase omlette, but have had other things that sound awful together, but are really yummy...as long as you can eat it on the plan, you carry on Hun!



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oh no but it sounds lovely :) i tried soy sauce in mine yesterday and was lovely, just varied it a little.


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Bolognese and Omelette!
Sounds crazy (and scrummy!)

I tend to eat weird things haha, like Ready Salted Crisps with Kit Kats >.<


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that sounds like a recipe that was once in the sw magazine, it was call bolognese wraps they used the omelette as wraps the picture looked very nice


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it was taken from the idea that was in the magazine, but didn't want to do wraps x


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i havent done that before, but i like throwing whatever i have lying around into omlettes so sounds good!