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Has anyone been sick on LT?????

Hey guys,
Into week 2 of LT and was wondering has anyone else been sick on it? Dont mean to be crude but was sick last nite and again today (although you'd wonder what I could possible have in my stomach to actualy make me sick).

PS. Just cooked dinner for 6 people, spag bol, garlic bread, dessert....the works.. and sat at the table with my shake :( OMG it was sooooo hard but thats willpower for you. Go me!!!!
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Determined and motivated!
Hi Glitzybug,
I didn't actually vomit, but I had a full week where i was VERY naucous (sp?) and thought i was gowing to throw up. It did pass though. Maybe your body is just reacting to the additional vitamins and minerals?
I stayed feeling very hungry for a good three weeks or so, i was worried as most people say the hunger passes after the first week.
I am nearly 7 weeks in and still having very very dizzy spells, but just putting up with it.
Good luck, hope you feel better soon x
Hey Glitzy,

I did a lot. I still cant stomack the shakes. I drink them holding my nose so I dont get the taste !!! it really works.

so I suppose depends whats making you sick, can you drink them ok like or is it something else?
Thanks guys,
Monkey your weight loss has been incredible, well done. Its good to know it will pass, light at the end of the tunnel.

Nell, I can actually drink the shakes although I seem to have had a turn off towards them over past day or so. My water intake hasnt been as good as it usually is, I wonder would it have something to do with this?
Nothing else could me makin me sick ;)


Determined and motivated!
make sure u drink enough water hun, its ur lifeline!! Try soda water, really fills u up. I have soda when i'm at lunch with friends. As for the weight loss so far, i am really pleased, but its definately slowing down now. Went on scales tonight (a sin, i kno!) and i think i've only lost 2lb this week :( but all weight loss is good, and i think i'm around TOTM!! Keep goin, u'll be fine soon i'm sure x

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