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has anyone been ss 100% & not lost much?

I am gutted! To say gutted is an understatement. I just wondered if anyone else has had the same happen or if its just me.

I started CD ss 9 days ago. Cant see my CDC for 2 more weeks because our hols coincided so I have been going it alone.

I weighed on my wii fit before going on hols and after 2 days lost 2lb, after 3, 0lb, after 4, 0lb. So fully expected to come back after 5 days away and have lost some more - especially as its my first week ever on SS and what did I lose - just 1lb!!

I am really down about this, has anyone else had this happen, I read all these wonder stories and only I could manage not to lose much at all.

My body seems quite happy to live on 400 odd calories, I haven't really had much problem adjusting to it, I am trying hard to drink the water and most days manage 3 litres, although I am already fed up of it.

I think its made worse because we were at the seaside for our hols and everyone ate the usual junk, but I stuck rigidly to my CD - feeling proud but down and a bit hungry all the time.

Sorry for the rant, just wondered if I am alone or if my body will adjust soon, and let me lose weight.

For the record I am 5-6 stone overweight and the only other thing I honestly put in my mouth was two slices of boiled chicken and two prawns!!!

thanks for reading,
bb :wave_cry:
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is Special :P
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Hi Honey,

Dont dispair....This is my restart but the first time i did CD i only lost 2 pounds in my first week :( Eventually it will even out and you will feel loads better anyway.............have you measured???? See if you have lost inches.....i could feel it in my clothes even when the scales were being horrible.

I saw a different CDC yesterday for a chat and to pick up some water flavouring and she was telling me about a lady she councils (i suppose is the word) who Never ever gets into ketosis.....so the most she ever loses is 2 pounds................anothe lady averages 7 pounds a week.....Mine is a more meagre 3 pounds..........but still a pound is a pound..............better than putting on a pound!!!

I know if i eat anything at all....(even chicken or prawns) I get knocked out of ketosis........i cant have the bars either......some people (like my mum) can just eat all the time and do CD and lose weight.....everyone is different.

If you stick at it though..................you will feel different....Think of all the benefits.

Taz x
Thanks for the reply, I dont even know if I am in ketosis - maybe I won't manage it. But I will be depressed if I only lose 2lb a week - I know it will go down, and a massive well done to you for sticking to it. But surely we could lose that on Sw or another diet, I have done in the past. I just don't know if I can live without food and lose so little.

Sorry, again, I am still gonna stick to it, but just need a boost!!


The Diet Guy
Hiya BB

I promise you that it is impossible to not reduce weight on 400 calories a day and hence it is just a matter of smiling, having your packs, drink the water and smile a bit more and you'll be slim before you know it.

My advice is to be 100% on the diet and do exactly what it says in the books and you cannot go wrong.

thanks icemoose. I know you are right and it says it in the books too. I will stick to it at least for the next two weeks until I see my CDC and if I'm not happy I could always go to my doctor.


Icemoose is right - try not to think of it day by day (scales-wise) as it will come off if you're following it. Think of a goal, say a month away (to lose x lbs) and take it from there.....day to day fluctuations don't mean much really - did any of us think of weight gain that way? Eh, i don't think so. Be positive about the long term and the short term will sort itself out. Good luck.


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Hi hunni, I was the same hunn, really dissapointed in my losses until one day I added up what Id lost and id already lost 1st, my body seemed to take a few weeks to get itself into the diet/loss mode but its worth it honestly hun.xx keep it up , dont give up hun.xx
thanks again for your replies, I'm just glad i'm not the only one this has happened to. Will keep going, trying to be more cheerful - even though theres a bbq to go to tonight!!! thanks all



This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
Hi. I STS last weigh in despite being 100% and was disappointed because, as you said, I could STS or drop a pound whilst eating.
My relationship with food is too destructive, and therefore I truly can't eat and lose weight, otherwise I would never have ended up at over 17 stone! I need this 'no food' rule to re establish a healthy way of viewing and enjoying food, hence why my disappointment faded quite quickly. I know in the long run, this will be the diet that changed my life forever.


A pound at a time
Hi, don't worry. I am feeling a bit like you at the moment. My first week I lost a bit and I am on day 10 and have not lost in 3 days so I know it can get you down. I think my body is just refusing to let go of the weight, but eventually it will have no choice.
Hi all, feeling much better after a trip to the chemist for ketosticks.

i am well and truly in ketosis, (purple!) so somethings going right. I will keep up the good work and wait for the fat to wash away!!!

thanks for the rep comment - with all your fab help I will be strong! thanks again and I'll keep you updated.:)
wrong post sorry
I got mixed up on the last post, and read someone elses details sorry. Sorry to hear that you are having a tough week this week, but you'll get there :)

Well done on the ketosis, just try and increase the water though, as the darker it is could be an indication of dehydration :)


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get glugging water honey. and remember that if you are just using your wii fit to weigh yourself the sods tell lies!! i can lose 2 lbs after half an hour of using mine, have a few minutes break and have gained four lbs!! and i'm not exaggerating. so chin up, keep drinking plenty, stick to the packs and i think you'll get a surprise on weigh in day in a couple of weeks :)

abz xx


xPink Princess!x
i saw someone else mention that the wii fit board isnt accurate when it comes to weight so dont despair! chin up! and smile:D:D you'll get through it! x
thanks abz, I am drinking as much as I can! Its a bit easier with it being so hot!

I think you are right, I have decided the wii fit lies as well and I will take the weigh ins with a pinch of salt on there.

Saw 2 friends today who commented that my face is thinner and i am a bit smaller round my middle. Maybe they are just being nice but my trousers are a bit loose?

It would have been easier if I had been able to see my CDC after a week, to keep a track of everything, just hope I do get a nice surprise on the 5th Aug!

thanks again



Gold Member
go and weigh yourself in boots or something hon. and then weekly at the same time in the same clothes like you would with your cdc. at least that way you can keep track and stay motivated until she comes back??

abz xx


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
I should take my own advice.....having STS last week, and fighting disappointment, all signs point to a STS again..tomorrow will tell I suppose.
I seem to be having a strange pattern of weight loss - first week, 12lbs, then 3lbs, then 0.5lbs, then 6.5lbs this week i put 1lb on!!! and thats 100% ss which i didnt think could happen...my cdc says its due to the complete mess up of my bowels and totm being 2 weeks on trot...but i still cant fathom how i can put on weight on under 600 cals a day...but i am sure i will see a good loss next week so i wont give up yet!! strange how these things we call bodies work eh?,,,

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