Has anyone considered doing this?


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Seems extrem - Its a matter of mind over matter
Im on day 10 now and lost 10.6 lbs in week 1 and hoping to lose 5lbs in week 2
Im a single parent widower with 2 kids o still have to cook for them every night and go to shops etc
Ive got into a mindset that im absteining from food and alcahol and thats it 100%
I never realised how much I vacumed up their leftovers for example lat night I made them a lovely pasta bake with jacket potatoes cut in half the middles scooed out and mixed with grated cheese.
My daughter laft half her stuffed jackets and as I was clearing the table and taking the plates into the kitchen I thought to myself that previously I would have eaten that and not thought about it .
I would then have had my meal later eg curry or takeaway and then the next day if I had reflected on how much I was eating I would have forgotten about those extra items.

Obviously kids want treats when they come in from schooll like a biscuit or packet of crisps/ choc bar so i have these in and just ignore them.
One of my old vices was after consuming wine each evening after my meal later on I would then get the munchies and raid the kids gooies often to be told off the next day
Willpower seems to go out the window once under the influance

10 days without booze - probably longes abstenance since I was 18 which is 27 years ago

Go for it but dont lock yourself away as it only then be harde when you come out

Good luck




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I agree with Jim, it can be tempting to think of hiding away & reappearing as a new, slim you, but the real lessons to learned are from fitting CD into your life. We live in the real world, after all! Jim is learning valuable lessons as he goes along, and I am too... taking food out of the picture can make us aware of things we never even noticed before, and some of those observations are what will keep us on target and help us to stay there once we reach goal.
I was quite ashamed to admit to being on CD when I started out, but now I am more open about it as I see it as a positive tool in helping me beat the binge-demons and not an 'extreme' diet for 'desperate' people, which is probably how I saw it at the start. I guess I was feeling extreme and desperate back then! But the real progress is in making this diet fit into our lives and handling the challenges that come along with that... you can do it, I know you can. And there's lots of support on here. You won't be alone.


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I do think it is the ideal solution:D however, its not realistic. Hopefully, you find a way to work it into your lifestyle.


I can do this.
Hi, I know how u feel, but its not the answer. Life goes on, although I have stopped going out wkends because I don't think I could resist the temptation of having a drink just yet( not that i drink much) lol. good luck.


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Know how you feel Grim, I have applied for Big Brother in the past as I feel a total change of scene and lifestyle is the best way to go. BUT the producers feel it would be seen as endorsing a product which is off limits so the computer says no. Will try again when Iam skinny as the TV puts on 10lbs LOL


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Oh Sammy... BB on CD? Nooooo!!!!!! My idea of a total, living nightmare!!!!

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I can see how it could look attractive...hide away and then reveal yourself all slim and slinky.......but have you learned from the experience? For me 10% of this is about what I eat, 90% is about why.....so dealing with the consequences of me not eating is helping to train my brain that life is about choices, yes I can go out and eat or I can ask my friends over and have a good old time with my sparkling water........for me hiding away is not the answer! having said that if I was on a desert island, with CD, George Clooney to rub in the sun tan lotion.....then yep I am up for that;):D