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has anyone else....



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Totally. I'm so looking forward to a meal in a fortnight. I'm starting my refeed a week on Saturday and can't wait just to chew something !
No, babe still lovin' the shakes, not hungry at all and feeling a bit worried I might go a little too far on this diet........


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me too got another four weeks then will go on refeed before my hols hope to be near my target then, but I HAVE really struggled this week, not cheated though.
I must admit that when I was coming towards the end I found it a lot harder. I think it was basically impatience on my part.

Hang on in there, it will be worth it in the end hunny x


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Most definitely!
I've got 10 days of TFR to go, then a weeks refeed. This has been the hardest part so far. Can't WAIT for it to all be over and have a normal life! :D
YES YES YES, jeez i just so want to stop now, i don't have long to go but some days it scares me to come off and other days i think sod it i lost loads im comin off now.

But i am hanging in there ;)
I was like that for the last 10 days of TFR, I just wanted to start straight away, but on the other hand I was a little wary of eating food again.

Hang in there girls, it will soon come.


I will be skinny again!!!
Im sorry, I was the opposite, I wanted to stay on Lipotrim lol


One last chance
To be perfectly honest, I didn't find LT hard at the beginning, I am actually finding it harder now. I'm near target and it is beginning to drag big time.

I'm getting bored and fed up and can't wait to refeed.
I'm getting a bit bored now too. Been really miserable the last few days and really need to snap out of it. Don't know if its the crappy weather thats bothering me or what. I also seem to have developed an obsession with watching cookery progammes and asking people what they are having for dinner! Some days I am so chuffed at the weight I have lost and then other days I feel so impatient and feel like I have such a long way to go. Even though I am trying to carry on as normal by still going out and things, sometimes I do think my life is on hold til I come off it. But still, what a fab diet. There is no other diet where the weight comes off this quick and I would feel the same whatever diet I was doing.
I understand people being wary of finishing lipotrim, i too am a little worried about eating incase i put any weight on but as i only have about 3weeks left (hopefully) i feel like a little kid at xmas, the days drag by!!! xx
I totally agree. I only want to do another 4 weeks maximum (I'm hoping!) but there have been so many pizza adverts on TV tonight it is killing me! Also, my husband has told me to stop feeding him as I am constantly making him food! x