Has anyone ever done Cambridge then Atkins...


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i'd like to know too as intend on low carbing after CD ....


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interesting question.

have you tried posting on the Atkins thread? x


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when i was doing atkins, (i spent alot of time on atkins thread) there was quite a few people that joined us from cd, cant remember any names, but i`m sure you could check threads and read up on how they did.
good luck, when i come off cd, i will try and live as close to atkins as possible, although not as extreme as induction phase.


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I remember seeing you on Atkins forum buffy. I have posted on there, but none the wiser really.

I'm no good with diets, but after I had my first baby & while waiting for my second baby to be 12 weeks, so I could do cd, I did Atkins.

I read the book a couple of years ago & really understood it, so I find it a really really easy diet to follow. I know all the little tricks & exactly what I can & cannot have. It's fab!

Anyway, I digress. But they've brought a new Atkins book out that I think is more like low GI. So you can have small amounts of low GI bread pasta etc. I'm going to get it.

Then when I get to 9 stone (I'm 9.11 today) I'm going to use Atkins to lose the last stone, slowly. I need to find out if my little plan will work though, as if it will then I need to start moving up the plans at about 9 5ish.....