Has anyone had itchy skin?


I've been on LL for nearly 18 weeks now, and about 3 weeks ago I got itchy skin all over and I had a slight rash under my skin that was more visable when I scratched. It went away after about a week. Now it's back again and it's really driving me bonkers. I can't think of anything that I've done differently concerning LL or the usual culprits like washing powders or cosmetics.

I'm wondering if it's some kind of wierd hormone thing going on.

Has anyone else had this or heard of others having it? Or even have a suggestion for me?
Sorry hun cant help u concerning the reason why this might be happening.
Could u maybe take antihistamine tablet and see if it releives the symptoms.

Well done to u for lossing so much weight allready and in such a short amount of time,your goal weigt is just around the corner.

Am sure someone will be along soon who might be able to offer u some advice.
Take care xx
Hiya Shadow

When I was on a VLCD a couple of years ago I had this same problems and so have a number of my clients...all of whom have sought medical advice and been told that it severe dry skin.

I would suggest that you use something like Oilatum bath oil in your baths and/or a great moisturising body wash and again a rich moisturiser and, of course, always seek proper medical advice....

Good luck, Shadow....you'll be OK ;)
Thanks Rosh and Diva,

Dry skin might be the answer right enough. I've never had dry skin in the past so hadn't really considered that to be an option. But now that I think of it, I've been really busy last week and not done my usual bio oil or Palmers cocoa butter routine so will try that now and hope for the best.

I'll pass on the doctor in case he advises me to come off the diet....I'd rather be slim and itchy!!!

Thanks again Girls :cool: