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Has anyone kept the weight off?



Here we go again!
Why don't you pop over to the maintenance section, there are some really good maintainers over there.

Unfortunately I'm not one of them. Totally my own fault though, I just went straight back to my old ways and the weight came back on. Really learnt a lesson this time and don't intend for it to happen again.

Please don't worry about refeeding, just stick to the sheet 100% and you can't really go wrong. It's just the same after any diet, if you go back to your old bad eating habits the weight is bound to come back.

Good luck for refeeding, you will be fine!


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I do think that your metabolism gets messed up on TFR and if you dont go back to 'normal' in controlled stages, you are more likely to lose control - like i and so many before me did. So now it's crucial to go slowly and keep 100% in control.

Good luck.
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I've been on here since 2008 and have seen waaaay too many restarters, i'm one of them. I'm talking about people who had the will power to stay on LT, CD, LL etc for MONTHS so I don't believe that we're lazy pigs. LT is great for rapid weight loss, instant gratification and for people with alot of weight to lose as 2bls a week just doesn't cut it when you have alot to lose.

I would advise you to do it for a while as a boost, kickstart, but lose the rest with WW or SW etc.
TFR do not teach lifestyle changes and I saw a very depressing report saying 75% of people put the weight back on :(

They are very handy though and some people have managed it, just not the majority sadly.

Good Luck whatever you decide!!


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A TFR diet does get very bad rep as its more likely we are going to hear a negative story rather than a positive one. Just like if you stayed in a bad hotel you are likely to tell more people it was awful compared to one that was awesome.

Get yourself over to the maintainence section. Jan in particular is awesome - she has maintained for a year now and is an inspiration. Mary also is exceptional. Me on the other hand am about 17lbs up from when i finished LT but have managed to keep within that now for around 6 months. Its no easy feat but if we all have the willpower to suceed on a TFR ive no doubt, somewhere deep down we've all got the willpower to suceed when eating again.

I too agree that there are quite a few restarters. Quite a few faces i recognise from when i was on TFR last year and personally i think the support on this site is 2nd to none and ive noticed those that are restarting havnt been on here for a while. Not saying thats the reason but i really couldnt have done this without this support site :)

irish molly

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Whether you regain or maintain will be entirely up to you no matter which diet plan you follow. Browse through any of the diets on this forum and you will see restarters on all of them. At the end of the day, if we have a tendency to put on weight then we must always be vigilant in order to keep it in check.
A diet is simply a lifestyle where we take in less calories than we expend and thus burn off fat. Maintaining a weight is where the calories consumed equal what we use.
For all of us maintaining will always be a battle. Sometimes we will get battle weary and pile on some or all or even more weight. How we do is up to ourselves.
I have lost 87lbs on TFR and have maintained that loss and lost an additional 12lbs through GL. I used my time on TFR to think seriously about my attitudes to food and eating and now concentrate on healthy eating using a GL regime. In my opinion, TFR is good providing you do us your time on it to reflect on food and your relationship with it. Do not regard it as a quick fix. For sure, It just ain't that!!! lots of luck with your journey.


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Sorry another restarter here! But I am not sure it is done to the diet that I regained weight. I lost weight on weight watchers years ago and put that all back on too. I think it is just some people learn lessons of control and portion size etc better than others! (I am not one of them!)
Thanks, just getting a bit worried. I'm refeeding next friday so need to be super focused. I think I'm ready for the challenge though.

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