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Has anyone lost weight drinking coke????

Apologies for my spelling the heading should read COKE, wheres the spell checker when you need it.
Yes I have had a client whose weight loss stopped when drinking coke zero. I have another affected by chewing gum.
Its now no longer recommended by Cambridge. You should just have your 4 pints of water, black tea and coffee and Cambridge water flavourings.
Thanks for that, Anyone else had opposite effects??


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
It can happen, it also has a tendancy to make you feel hungry...You dont actually say that it is Diet Coke I'm assumming that it is. Also Diet Coke contains Citric Acid which can affect ketosis.

If you really have to have something then Coke Zero is the option (but not recommended by CD) as this contains Malic Acid. Also no more than a can a day..
Thanks for that, might try coke zero instead.
i drink diet coke and coke zero, neither seem to make me hungry or crave food and I remain in ketosis also my losses have been good, but like everything it differs from person to person. Its your choice.. the worst that could happen is you'll be set back a little bit so its your choice. milly x


has started again!!
I have the occasional Coke Zero with no ill effects. I also use sugar free gum occasionally. I know this is also not rec'd by CD, as it can trigger cravings/nibbling, but I do find it helps me to have something to chew.



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I think the weight loss starts in the head and once u start thinking u can have coke it is a slipery slop. A change in the mind set. Best to stay strong and not deviate from the diet and water at all i have found.


Striving to be good.....
Maybe I have been lucky but I drink Coke Zero every day and I get through packs and packs of sugar free gum.
I can't promise it will work for everyone and I am really sorry if it doesn't but my CDC used to do the same all through her losses and is so super slim now!


Mikki xx
I think it really is a personal thing...

And I do respect what the CD 'rules' are, but for me personally I think this diet is hard enough and if there's a 'cheat' that's gonna help you stick to it long term - and avoid the MacDonalds and pizza lol - then it can't be all bad...

For me, cutting out food isn't really a problem, but mention that I have to give up fizzy pop and I could cry...lol So I now have Coke zero - or Asda's cheapo version of it anyway... every day. This is my second time doing the diet, first time I had coke zero and the losses were still great... this time round lost 8lbs first time and still had my pop, so I'm gonna stick with it a bit longer, if things really stop or slow down will consider giving it up, but til then it's my lifeline....

I find that when I have a craving or hunger pangs, even if have lots of water, sometimes the cravings dont go away... If I get the pangs and have some coke, then it helps and they subside... Now call it psychological lol I don't care... if it works for you, and is an alternative to reaching for the chocolate biscuits and cake, then I think in moderation it's ok...

I've heard people on this diet who have lost stones and stones, and some had 2l of coke or pepsi everyday... Not recommending we all start guzzling, but you should try what works for you... We are all very different....

Just my opinion!

tinks x
I make "lemonade" out of sparkling water and summer berry water flavouring it is lovely and just like having a fizzy pop :)
thank you for all your opinons, I agree with you la tinkerbell, was hungry tried water - still hungry, had some coke zero. Not hungry anymore, think I will drink it until it starts to affect my weight loss.

Thanks to you all


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Hi - Ive been told about a pint or 2 a day is ok. But some people feel hungry after.

Ive drank it all through my diet and i drink it still, I lost 9lbs first week and 8 the second-

Moderation is the key!!