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has anyone switched from slimming world


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me! i joined SW in sept 09 and went back to WW last night.

SW just wasn't helping me control my portions and i'm already much happier on WW :)


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hi, i recently switched from sw to ww, although it did take a couple of weeks for me to get used to pointing, i'm finding, i'm now thinking more about my portion sizes, but, i love the freedom, where so long as you count and don't exceed your points, you can eat it.(as i said, it can take a couple of weeks to get used to, but giving it a go).


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I agree with what has been posted. It can take a little while to get used to the weighing and pointing of ww but its well worth it. More flexibility and it teaches you portion control


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hi i agree with the above i came over from sw about 2 weeks ago best thing i ever did sw suits some people better than others for me i ate to much "free food" and my portions were too big ww is great because you learn to eat in sensible portions good luck with what ever you choose as you life plan :)


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I also came from SW. SW taught me nowt about portion control and just made me feel restricted. If you have time to prepare a lot from scratch then sw can be good, but as I work as a cook I don't want to come home and start again with the peeling and the chopping and the bulk cooking and freezing!!

I find ww far more flexible. I can have what I want - often within reason, BUT i can still have it (I'm talking about pizza here!!!) Nothing is forbidden and you can play with your points - saving them if you know you have something coming up. SW now firmly advise against storing up your syns.

And as a bottom line, I spent 22 weeks on SW and lost a grand total of 8lb, yep 8lb! I have had 4 weigh ins with ww and lost 9lb.

I go to meetings and use the esource, paying a monthly pass is what works best for me.

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Agree with what's already been posted. SW just didn't work for me because I love pasta/rice and potatoes and I was allowed them free! You can imagine lol!
This definitely teaches you have to eat sensibly but still allows you eat anything you want.


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I also changed, though I was only 2 weeks at SW but the difference is huge....WW advocates everything in moderation with the exception of fat which has to be minimal.....makes perfect sense to me.
SW on the hand just seems to limit fat and anything else goes! crazy in my view because I know carbs in excess are stored as fat in the body...I also only lost 3.5lbs in 2 weeks of SW, lost 5lbs 1st week of WW. (btw I had a 4 week gap between each diet)
I subscribe online to WW as it was the cheaper option for me, and I love it.


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I too am an ex SW person. I agree with everything already said, WW does make you think about portion control which SW didnt. I also like the freedom of being able to eat anything I wish as long as I count it in within my daily points limit. Weight Watchers is definatly the diet for me!


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yes! see my thread 'deferring from SW - help!' thanks for all of the previous posts, confirms what i was thinking. SW has caused my portion sizes to spiral out of control..


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Yep - I have finally decided.

After struggling with SW for a while now and switching between the two earlier this year. I have now had a stiff talk with myself along the lines of pick a side and commit - and decided to commit to Weight watchers.

I think it is has a far more straightforward (simpler?) basis i.e. here are your points eat to them.
I agree with you lizie2008, I find it much more simple. Don't need to worry about food combinations, HE A and B etc. It's more like 'real-life' eating if that makes sense but healthier :)


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Ive done weightwatchers for years and have just gone over to SW and its where i am staying. i would never go back to weightwatchers as for myself it encourages unhealhty eating and makes me feel restricted and guilty. I love SW. Both diets are good.
Each can have negative things said about them but it depends on the person. On sw my portions are normal, not massive like some peoples. But some people can eat a healhty diet on ww and not just eat crap, but i cant. Slimming world makes you eat healthyer and gives you more freedom as you can alwayd eat something
Slimming world makes you eat healthyer and gives you more freedom as you can alwayd eat something
You can eat crap on WW and you can eat crap on SW too though. A diet full of pasta and sauce mixes, yoghurts and mugshots etc isnt really healthy. Its like people on WW eating processed food all the time. Both encourage healthy choices its what the individual does with them that matters.

I did SW for a while and hated it. I basically lost nothing at all and found I was eating the same things day in and day out.

Both are great diets if you do them properly its a case of which suits best for the individual theres no right or wrong one :)

I definitely feel WW teaches me more. I make far better choices now on WW than I ever did before :)


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i agree, theres good and bad points about both diets. i dont like the carb laden temptation of SW to eat low fat supernoodles all day, but i hate the fact that there are points in fruit on WW, i dont reckon i'll see the day when i'll choose a banana over a WW dessert for my points... i love the freedom of WW, nothing is banned. however i think that pointing everything and walking around asda with a calculator is a chore.
i suppose it all just depends where you are in your head and what you choose to do at that time.. i was happy to join SW before as i was terrified of feeling hungry so love the free food of SW. time goes on though and i too was eating the same thing every day and not losing. now i'm happy to take a limit on food if it means losing quicker. i reckon in the end i'll lose my weight with WW then hopefully maintain with SW as its not as much counting and i'll have a better judgement about portion sizes thanks to WW.