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Has anyone used alli (the slimming aid)

I've tried them and I'm not sure if I was doing it wrong but I didn't notice a difference. However, I imagine if you're following a plan i.e. slimming world and using the alli tablets- together you would see results.
I didn't follow a plan I just ate a kind of low fat diet and took the pills and hoped for the best. Sometimes I also forgot to take the pills.

I spent a fortune on them and didn't even finish the bottle! But over the years I've spent lots on different diet pills and gym memberships etc and I find weight watchers and slimming world and a little bit of exercise work the best.
Hi Natalie,
I have to say I agree with Karen. I didn't notice a difference with weight loss either and it does cost a lot of money! We're talking gym membership amounts of money. But nobody could tell me and my friend at the time, pharmacists weren't happy for us to have them, they said about the pills causing oily spots in underwear to try gross us out- it may have been true but I didn't suffer from that. Also we were only allowed to eat a certain amount of fat per meal- otherwise the tablets make you pretty ill.
Whatever you decide to do I hope it works for you and the best of luck! :D
R x
Hey Natalie!
I'm a pharmacist and I would strongly advise against these pills especially if you are following the slumming world plan.
These tablets work on the principle of binding the fat in the food you eat this is then excreted in the form of oily diarrhoea, you need to ensure that each Neal you eat is limited to a certain amount of fat if you don't the side effects can be very bad: oily stools, flatulence, tummy cramps to name a few! The over the counter tablets are actually half the strength of the ones you get on a prescription and so how much weight you actually loose will vary.
Agree. Don't do it with SW.

If you're already following the SW way of eating, your fat will already be reduced simply by following the plan.

You will therefore not get the benefits that Alli is designed for, and you may get more of the unpleasant side effects.
i tried alli a few months ago but the side effects were awful (won't go into detail might put u off ur dinner) :hitthefan:lol

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