Has anyone used Tesco ediets?


Not dieting ATM!
I had considered using this before but thankfully chose Cambridge diet. I will be at target weight in a month or so and was wondering whether to give ediets a try for maintenance. I think they can menu plan and give you shopping lists. I wondered if this may be a good way of learning new habits and organisation.

Wondering what others experiences of ediets are?

Do you think it would be a good method for me?

Which diet on ediets would be best (I'm thinking probably GI)?

Thanks all
An ex edieter!!!

My husband and I used to do ediets. It was really good. You could choose from recipes or easy to prepare food. You can chop and change what it plans for you. The list it prepares wasn't great however we used to shop online at Tesco's which worked out well as we didn't buy any bad food!

The charting of progress is good too. We were successful when we stuck at it and we could change to any of the other diets GI, low fat, mediterranean etc. if we felt the need. We didn't succeed as we had a whole variety of events which led me to return to bad food.

We are now doing CD and have lost over 4 stones between us. We have already decided that we are gonna maintain by returning to ediets as the food was nice and we enjoyed trying out the recipes.

Hope this helps.


P.S. It was easy to unsubscribe too! No hassle from them.
Thanks Helen

My husband and I are both doing CD and almost there. It's great to hear that you are thinking of returning to ediets to maintain, I really think it may be a good idea, worth a decent try anyway and not too expensive. Good that you can switch between plans from time to time too.

Thanks for your reply, good luck to you both with the CD we have both found it FAB!
I joined Tesci GI diet. It was good, but i found that i was having to eat similar meals for a couple of days in a row. I had to follow recipes they gave me as i couldn't get my head around how they worked out what food had what GI level.

For example 1 day I would use beansprouts in a recipe and then had to eat them again the following day so I didn't have to throw them out because they had gone off. I found that i had to keep buying lots of different ingredients (that i have probably still got in the back of the cupboard) and it did work out quite expensive for all the food in the end.

But, I did lose weight I followed it to the letter for about 2 months and lost about a stone in that time. The meals were very nice, and there was a huge variety to choose from.

I would recommend this diet as you can just follow the recipes and it can print off a shopping list for the meals you have picked. EASY!!
Hi I am looking at ways to maintain and was wondering are ediets any good for the fussy eater I dont like tomatoes ,fruit ,onions,garlic strong herbs spices so just plain really .Think making my diet intresting is going to be hard .
I've been maintaining/losing a bit, using WW xx If I go off the rails, I can go back to basics with WW and claw it back again. I never go more than 5lbs over my lowest weight xx
I did try it, but I found it difficult with children, as I didn't want to have to make different foods for them. I sent them a message about it, and they were going to try and amend it to be more child friendly, not sure if they have done it though.
This was about a year ago.
I'm not that big a fan of eDiets. I subscribed and gave it a try for a couple of days but I found it far too 'faffy' having to decide what I was going to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week in advance.

Something else that put me off was that I was able to select to have SIX slices of bread in each and every day - and I know that there is no way on earth that I could lose weight eating that much bread!! Also, fruit was limited to when it said you could have it in snacks or part of a meal. That is why I prefer the SW plan - unlimited fruit - thats the way I think it should be!

Hope you find something that works either way

I tried Tesco ediets. The support on the forum is good, but I didn't have much success with the diets on their. I think I prefer going to a group and getting my online support from sites like this.
I used it a few years ago and I found it brilliant. If it wasn't for the cost I would probably use it now to help with my maintenance. I did the vegetarian convenience plan. The forums are helpful too. I loved weighing in each week and seeing the graphs and what date you should reach your goal.
I lost 2.5 stone on the ediets. I found it easy to follow: once I'd sorted out my fave recipes, I could just repeat them as and when.
However, I did not like their maintenance plan, which is why I'm back on the wagon, this time with SW. The problem with the maintenance plan was it was just more of the same, with no allowances for treats and "normal" eating. I managed to maintain for a year, but now it's starting to creep back on:(

Conclusion? Great to lose the weight, not so great for keeping it off.