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has caved in to temptation :(

Went shopping with my friends today and purchased a size 14 dress wooo hooo but on the bad side they went to KFC for dinner and I couldn't resist temptation :( I had small chips gravy small pop corn chicken and crispy strips with a bottle of water ! I have felt sick as a dog since both
pyhsically and mentally ! I am now back on plan but dreading this weeks weigh in have
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i had a hiccup at the weekend but drank loads of water and have lost a pound and in ketosis already ............. so put it behind you and enjoy your size 14 !!! xx
Undoubtedly you'll have knocked yourself out of losing weight. But don't lose heart! Just get back on the wagon and give yourself a few days. You'll be back to losing weight in no time. :)


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I do this too!
I get so proud of myself for losing weight then reward myself with bad foods!

Kinda wishing I never read this post..kfc sounds so so good!
Nah you've got to be cruel to be kind (to your body!) It'll thank you for it in the long run :)

But yeah, like expert J2 says don't beat yourself up about it. Just get yourself back on track. Better an occasional slip up than a massive blowout.
Don't think i've ever been called an expert without the word 'food' infront of it :p
How about Pro?!
Pro bread killer.

It's funny, bread was my vice yet now my idea of bread is a 4g carb pitta. I feel like i'm cheating if I have 2 in a day!


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I did exactly the same on saturday - except I ate half a garlic stuff crust meat feast pizza at pizza hut!

what can u do! I felt physically and mentally sick afterwards aswell, but hey ho!
Awww thanks guys iv put it behind me and straight back on induction only for a week to get me kick started we rnt perfect and I suppose one day off the wagon is better than a week or just giving up full stop !! Clarecat i'm sure ull be fine !!
My advice after a slip - don't weigh that week! Stick to the plan, get rid of that water bloat, get back into ketosis - and the week after, weigh-in again. This way you avoid feeling depressed at the sight of the 'false' higher reading.

Good luck all.


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
No worries, so long as you get straight back into it , don't even wait till the next day, do it there and then. you know it is ok.


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Water, water, water - you can do it! :)
Thanks guys today i'm goin water mad ! My stomach hasn't felt right since yesterday :( so I'm not gonna cave again x x


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tbh you could have been worse. KFC is full of carbs on the coating...BUT could have been a pizza :) plenty of water will flush it out.

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