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I have stuck to plan really well since I joined on Tuesday. I weighed myself this morning (I know, shouldn't weigh mid-week) and I've put on 2lbs :(

I felt/feel awful. Earlier I felt so bad that I said 'sod it' and had a burger and fries from McDonalds :( :( :(

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I want to give you a big fat hug. Please don't hate yourself - no hate or guilt allowed! Everybody has rough times, bad days, up-and-down weeks, it's just life and you wouldn't be human if you didn't have the odd slip-up. One burger and fries never made anyone fat, after all! It's having several of them a day that would do the damage. You just had a sensible single one and it won't do you any harm in the long run at all.

Actually, eating something a little unexpected or naughty can actually kick your metabolism into gear a bit, believe it or not. Your body might have been craving the nutrients in a bit of beef and forced you to reach out for a burger. I'm willing to lay a big bet that you see good results this week, McD's or no McD's!

Just chalk it up to experience and above all don't beat yourself up. Nobody's perfect. If you can be good even just over half of the time, that means you still achieve your goals in the long term!


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thats why you shouldnt weigh mid week,1 ya body fluctuates,2 the scales may be differant from sw and now cause you felt down you had mcdonalds,Just put it behind you whats done is done and forget it happened start over again
Aw don't be so hard on yourself. Please don't rely on a mid week weigh in - my weight can change by 2 lbs on a daily basis. Sometimes it takes our bodies a while to adjust to a new eating plan and I know some girls in my class did put on or sts first week but are flying along now.

Are you eating enough and drinking enough water?

Sorry you are feeling so down but stick with it and you will see results.


Bring it on!
Draw a line and carry on. make sure you write it on your food diary, and maybe make a note of how you felt before and after. then next time you're feeling like you hate yourself you can look back and see how you felt after and relaise you felt worse. Definately don't weigh in between class (and i do it all the time so i know how difficult it is!) if you get back on it you'll be fine for your WI. Good luck :)
Thats precisely why you should never weigh between official wi's. If youre a scales addict and the fluctuating doesnt affect you then fair enough but that 2lbs probably wasnt really there. My weight can fluctuate by 4/5lbs depending when I weigh myself. Ive seen my weight show a gain on the Sat if I have a peek but by Monday Ive lost. The danger with mid week ones is if you let if affect you, which you did, you do exactly what you did and have a blow out and DO end up gaining.

If you go to classes get rid of your scales at home completely.
Big hugs, but please don't weigh in between your official weigh ins. As has already been said everyones weight fluctuates from day to day and hour to hour so by going and having a Mac e D all you have done is made yourself feel worse. So draw a line under whats gone and move on to a fresh start. Get straight back on plan don't beat yourself up don't sit there thinking if only I hadn't cos you did and there aint nothing you can do about it now hun so put it behind you. You can dwell on it or learn from it and the second option is by far the best. We have all done this in the past which is why we know how you feel, trust us and put it behind you. Just don't go near the scales again. If you cann't resist then remove the scales from the house and give them to a relative or something. It was only one slip up and not the end of the world. Chin up pet and good luck for the next weigh in. xxxxx


Minimins is the best!
if it makes you feel any better i ate lots of fruit jellies today, very naughty - way too many syns!!!! i know my downfall is sweets and i still go and buy them!!!
oh well,WI not til next thursday!
chin up hun, whats done is done.
keep on plan for the rest of the week - you will be fine! :) xx


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Don't beat yourself up. Just start a fresh. Your body weight fluctuates daily. Forget about today and start a new day tomorrow. :)
Thanks guys, your support really helps.

I was good for the rest of the day and had a nice ham and feta omlette with cottage cheese and salad - so all free except the feta as HEA.

I'm trying to forget about lunch and move on. I know it wasn't the scales this morning as I weighed myself at home on Tuesday morning before going to my first meeting and so I was basing it on that reading, not my meeting one.
I'm trying to forget about lunch and move on.......
sounds like a great idea :D

stick with the meeting scales hun - ur doin great !!

Debz xx


is getting better at it
no need to hate your self, count the syns for the mc d and take them from the weekly overall total that you have and you then know how many you have for the week left and dont sneaky peak mid week as you have found its just not worth it
Ok, well as a few people have said already, your weight fluctuates so much daily....I can be as much as 5 or 6 lbs heavier in the evening than I was in the morning...plus your scales may be out. I was about 10lbs heavier on the SW scales than I was on MY scales, and docs scales etc, so scales are not all the same.

One macdonalds is not necessarily cause you to put on 2 lbs....dont hate yourself. I very nearly gave into one earlier...just make sure u fill up on the free foods tomorrow. Use your flexi syns, and make sure u are good for the rest of the week. Weight loss is hard...I have tried it so many times before, and if you deny yourself those little "syns" then thats normally what makes you quit. Keep going, and please don't hate yourself...it really is ok!
no need to hate your self, count the syns for the mc d and take them from the weekly overall total that you have and you then know how many you have for the week left and dont sneaky peak mid week as you have found its just not worth it
I have done. I had no syns on Tue and Thur and just 1.5 syns on Wed, so in total that is okay.
here's a thought.....u need to OVEREAT (or drink) an EXTRA 3,500 calories to put on ONE POUND of fat !! :eek:

do you think that you have OVEREATEN 7,000 CALORIES and gained 2 pounds ?

thought not !

new day, fresh start tomorrow, me thinks !

Debz x

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