The Diet Guy
To all you people still on sole source have a great weekend!

I remember I personally found weekends much tougher than the weeks so be super strong this lovely Saturday and Sunday and you'll have burnt another pound of fat by Monday morning!


Thanks Mike, Hope you have a lovely weekend too.

I know I keep saying it, but if I had never stumbled across your blog, I would have never started on the CD, and started my journey to a better and healthy lifestyle.
Well i'm not sole sourcing but thought i would tell you what i'm up to this weekend!

Seeing a couple of clients this morning and then this afternoon going to buy a car! Woohoooo - i cannot tell you how much aggro the car business is giving me!

Then this evening a friend from Maidstone is coming up to spend the night YAY and we're going out with my hub for a meal (low carb!) then sending him home so we can make use of our dancing shoes!

Then tomorrow the family are all going to the Natural History Museum!!

Am looking forward to it - hubby has ruined the last few weekends with a bad back!

Hels x

ps what's everyone else up to?
Yayyyyyyyyy the sun is back!!!! We'll be filling up our skip this weekend as we're moving in a couple of weeks....then off to the park with the little one later on and, hopefully, chilling out with hubby later tonight for some much needed "couple time" ;) If I can draw myself away from here for long enough!