Have any of you tried or considered trying hypnotism?

I have....it was £105 per session, I had 6 sessions and didn't work one iota!!!!

It was one of the country's leading consultants who apparently had a 90% success rate....guess who was in the remaining 10%! :(

He solely used hypnosis which is why I reckon it didn't work for me in that instance. Hypnosis works best when used in conjunction with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)...
I wondered if I was put under hypnosis and regressed to a time I was happy around food maybe he could find out the reasons why I overeat as opposed to stopping me eating until he clicks his fingers...a type of counselling session

Seems expensive though. Did you actualy go under?
I'm considering giving this a go. My cousin has just qualified as a hypnotherapist - the problem is though if you do regress, most therapists aren't trained to deal with it and it can leave you scarred for life!!!! Most are only trained to help quit smoking/lose weight etc etc...

I've just booked an appt with my gp for monday morning to talk about my bingeing. I've been maintaining for nearly three months (am half a stone over target) and am bingeing every few days..... i can't control it!

Anyone ever sought help from gp before?? Thing is i never binged before the diet!!!

Am really depressed about it!
I paid £195 for a weekend programme called the Weightless Mind. The workshop was great and we were hypnotised about 10 times of the course of 2 days. We got the authors book and home hypnotism book and she sent us a personalised CD of our sessions as well.

Listened every night from october to december last year - put on a stone.

The girls in the group all decided to meet up in april. Got a call from one of them a few days before to say nobody had lost any weight and the meet up was cancelled!

Felt chilled whilst it was being done, but no long term effect!

Just my personal experience - wish i'd discovered LL earlier instead!
I have twice! First time she was a bit rubbish and it didn't work at all, then I went to a clinical hypnotherapist which cost £45 per session and I had 5, then you got a Cd for another £70.

Actually most of what he said made sense, and it definitely improved my confidence (hypnosis only works if your conscious mind accepts the suggestion) but I fell pregnant 4 weeks later so never really found out if it worked LOL

Lynne x
I undertook a course of hypnotherapy to try to get to the bottom of my food demons. £50 a time and approximately £2000 later I was still overeating and gaining weight. He kept saying it would happen but it didn't - he was very well qualified and we did lots of work re my history etc. But to be honest i'd rather go to someone like Paul McK where he programmes me to think i'm eating an onion every time i stick something i know i shouldn't in my mouth!

Since the hypno i've seen for a while a therapist i found through the BACP who specialised in food addictions amongst other things - i found that very very effective in working out the dynamics of my family, and also my food stuff - my hub came with me for a bit and it was very good for our relationship too - i don't see her now and am still on a diet but i am convinced the therapy has bought me to a place where i can finally deal with it.

Hels x
I had hypnosis to help with my binge eating, cost £50 a time, had to convince hubby that I was so unhappy I needed to find a solution. Was told I would need about 12 sessions, I made myself go every week (can't say it was enjoyable!) Can't say it did anything for me. Cambridge is best solution for me when I eventually get my head into gear.

i had hypno, 2 sessions at £50 a go, it worked for all of 3 weeks, a month after that i started CD & sometimes wonder if it's helping me stick at it or not, i'm just determined that i WILL NOT be fat when i hit 40 in July
I've tried it - first time when I was 20 (22 years ago) as I didn't want to be 21 and fat. They hypnotised me to believe I was allergic to bread, potatoes, cheese, flour, sweets, chocolate .. and a few other things I can't remember ...

Apart from appearing to be more mental than I already was walking into the office saying all of a sudden I was "allergic" to sandwiches etc., it did nothing for me at all.

That didn't put me off and I went again to another hypnotherapist. Apparently he was one of the best. And expensive too - but after around 15 weekly sessions I decided I was being ripped off and stopped going.

Tried one more time after that but again no good.

Must have spent enough to buy a 5 bedroom house in the heart of London (well, slight exaggeration, but you get my drift!) and the only thing to work with me was LL.

Saying that, I've put some back on, but I'm still 70% lighter than I was :)

My advice .. don't waste your money.

Mandana x
I have a friend who is a clinical hypnotherapist and she says it is almost impossible to hypnotise someone to stop overeating as you need to get to the bottom of why they overeat in the first place and that is very complex.

I tried it with someone else several years ago but I dont think I was even under.

Hypnotherapy is very good for many things but nt weight loss. As others have said - dont waste your money

I did 8 weeks of it at £84 per session with the only clinical hypnotist to be accreddited by the NHS...and it didn't do a bloody thing except depress me for we went into all the issues I had around food/childhood/parents/tragedies etc and quite frankly, I just wanted to be brainwashed and not have to work at it...could have paid less to see a trained counsellor and at my stage in life I just didn't need the upset...I think it would have bought me 11 weeks on LL...I gained weight during the process :-0

I am thinking of going to Overeaters Anonymous just to see if I can shock myself into a pattern change..not decided yet.

Good luck with whatever you decide - Joe
Hiya Arty

You mentioned the magic words "pattern change"!!! That's exactly what it is....

I didn't say in my earlier post but I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist but use it in conjunction with many other techniques and tools as I believe that it is fabulous as part of a process but can be unpredictable in isolation.

The reason for this is because hypnotherapy is not about "making you do" anything...it is about helping you to bring to the fore what you want to do through the power of suggestion. However, if you're unclear to start with then the result will also be unclear...which is why as a part in a process it works much better.... and that process has to be about changing patterns which will, subsequently, change behaviours.

Check out Overeaters Anonymous...but I would go one step further and ask what it is about overeating that you find sooo great? That is not meant to be a faceatious (sp??) question but one that I would definitely start off asking any of my clients....you may be surprised by the answer.

Good luck, hun....this journey is not for the faint hearted but it is certainly for the thrivers and survivors! :)
but I would go one step further and ask what it is about overeating that you find sooo great?

Shall I answer that? Would 3 pages be enough? :D

Sorry....serious topic going on here....will get my coat ;)