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have decided


i love minimins me :)
to start after my cousins wedding instead now which is 20th April, cos i wont have lost enough for it to show, and feel i wud undo all the good work and cheat on that day, so am gonna start after that now

also my b/f finished me last night, so i dont think this week is a good week to start this diet now

it jus seems everything is in the way of me getting started on this diet

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i love minimins me :)
thanks hun :)

i jus feel there is too much going on to start now, but its a shame cos am really looking forward to starting :)



Busy busy busy!!
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You start whenever you feel you are ready - the diet will still be there for you then. Just give yourself some TLC ....


somebody shrink me
Oh hun take as much time as you need, your head really needs to be in the right place for this diet to work.

If it helps, just think of how great you'll feel when your ex sees you looking slim and gorgeous with a new fella on your arm!!


i love minimins me :)
hahah thanks hunnies :)

i am determined to start this diet tho, so i will do it :) i wanna be slim by the summer :) he wants to be mates which i cant do atm cos i still have feeling for him, but maybe wen i have lost a couple of stone, i might suggest we meet up as mates and show him what he gave up :)

Completely agree. Your head needs to be in the right place. Do it when it feels right for you.
As for your boyf... completely his loss and he will be sorry :)

Hoep your day is more cheery than dreary

S xxx


The Diet Guy
Hiya Stacey

Why not use these couple of weeks to do the full preparation for the diet.

Start upping your water intake and try and start cutting the carbs you are taking in, eat loads of chicken, salad etc etc and you could lose a few pounds before you even start the diet properly.



i love minimins me :)
thanks hun :)

i think i am jus going to try and do ww or sumthin from home (i know it inside out) until i get to start :) and try and cut out carbs hopefully should start on the 23rd April
Why not try doing the Cambridge 1500 programme ??? Great way to get into the diet without the sudden hit of sole source?



Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Hi Stacey

Misspiggyfi and Serendipity are right, your head needs to be in the right place.

Give yourself some space, some tlc and plan your revenge ;) (only joking!!)

I took the advice about upping water and decreasing carbs before I started and it helped heaps.

We have a similar amount of weight to lose so could help each other along the way if you like. Set yourself a start date and try to stick to it. Once you've had that first pack you will feel great for actually starting.

I'm aiming to have lost 5 stone by the middle of September....care to join me? :D


i love minimins me :)
that sounds brill with me hun :) thanks :)
god i love u guys and this site lol

all my mates and pple on other messageboards jus keep tryin to put me off :( but with help from u guys i am sure i can do it :)

am excited for starting, i was supposed to be seein cdc today to start :( oh well only 2 weeks :)



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Stacey as Mike says spend the 2 weeks preparing to start ss and you will find it easier, your cdc will be able to gie you more information.

That way you can spend the time recovering from the hurt you are feeling and have a great time at the wedding. In the long run it will give you the stength to be that slim you that you will be for summer.


i love minimins me :)
thanks hun :)

i jus dont wanna start ss then have to stop, but u guys have made me realise i can jus do 1500 then go dwn to ss after the wedding :)

gonna ring head office in morning and see if there are anymore cdc closer to me


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