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Have I been bad?

I have been doing fine on the refeed and maintenance after Lipotrim but as I was feeling a bit fed up with the protein rich meals (and severe restriction of bread and other carbs) I decided to treat myself. I stopped at Subway on the way home from work. I got a cheese salad bagette...no butter, no dressing...on a dark brown bread roll...but opted for the footlong !!!

Technically ok, or technically bad??

It was delicious and at the time I saw it as an acceptable lapse for over restricting the last couple of weeks...but now feeling bad and guilty.

I guess the test is whether I get straight back to being good, or whether this is the hint of a relapse ??? Any ideas, anyone had similar ??
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Im guessing you have done more than 2 week of refeed with the sounds of it so in that case it isnt a problem as you should have introduced your carbs already

Have it as your treat for the week, we have to put a treat in there or we would end up insane and binging
Yes, refed over a month ago now so I knew it wasn't as bad as had I caved straight away when completing LT

Thanks everyone...you are right Yorkshire Adam and Kered and Joy1. I have had soup tonight (no bread!) and will be back on my high protein/low carb and fat meals again tomorrow. I just had this crisis moment where I knew I was testing myself subconsciously...I had two voices in my head (not literally!!), one of which was saying you cannot live the rest of your life without your most favourite lunch (cheese salad sandwich) and the other saying that just once is fine to stop potential blowouts along the line (as long as the low fat rule is applied). Oh, three shakes a day was so easy !!! - although Week 1 TRF me would not have agreed ;)
S: 19st4lb C: 13st13lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 5st5lb(27.78%)
lol well done on seeing it the right way

Way i do it is by healthy eat all through the week (low carb/fat/cals/sugar) then on the weekend sat lunch healthy, what ever the hell i want for tea. Then sunday lunch is a roast and sunday evening back to healthy

Also booze only sat night

I did that for months and found it easy to maintain and worked well


maintaining since June'09
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The footlong may have been pushing it a bit but I'm sure it'll be fine! x
Yes, I think if this is going to work long term then I need to integrate some treats. But yes, Jan, I think the footlong was pushing it a bit :rolleyes:

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