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Have I failed already?

Hi just registered and new to this site.
Started Cambridge ss week today (had first weigh in today lost 7.5 pounds)
Anyways came home tried porridge hated it! So made soup... hated that too and ended up eating a breadstick!
Have i completely ruined what i have achieved this week?
I feel so guilty and a massive let down :(
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You've only failed if you give up, hon. Get back on the wagon and don't let this spiral out of control... it didn't make you feel good so learn from it. Good luck.



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No, keep going with it! the results are so worth it but take it from me- every tiny nibble off plan makes it harder, its so much easier to stay on track than to get back on the wagon! Lots of people have blips, they learn from it and put it behind them! Its difficult knowing what you'll like, I started off taking shakes,soups and porridge but now I just stick to my fav shakes and bars. You'll get the bars in week 3 and its nice to have something to chew on!

Just get back on track asap! and if you need to, go and see your CDC early to exchange packs for something you like.

Stay strong, you can do this!!!
Aww Dannie - don't worry hun! You're only human and we all do it at some time or another! One breadstick certainly won't make you put any weight on. It may knock you out of ketosis but it isnt ketosis that makes you lose weight - thats down to the mega-low calories you're consuming! Ketosis just makes you feel less hungry and gives you a more positive outlook. You'll be back into Ketosis in a few days if you refocus so there's no serious harm done.
Its really hard when you start CD ss cos you don't know what flavours you like so the first week or two are a bit hit and miss. It gets easier once you establish what you like and don't like so stay positive and get straight back on it in the morning and you'll be fine. Think good thoughts cos you CAN do it!!!! xxxx :D
No you haven't ruined everything. As far as I know the breadstick might just push you out of ketosis at worst, so you could feel a bit hungry. However you are still on a very low calorie diet so you'll be losing weight. The main thing now is to just put a line under it and carry on as before, don't use eating the breadstick as an excuse to eat.

On another note I am totally with you on the porridge and soup!!! I've got some plain porridge and it smells like plastic to me!!! The only ones I can handle are the chocolate and choc/mint shakes and choc tetras. I have also tried some bars and they are much better. X
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Don't worry, just make sure you get straight back on it, I blipped Sunday night but I was back on it 100% yesterday feeling stronger than ever, coz I hated the feeling of cheating. Please stick with it, it will get easier with time!


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Its just a tiny blip. Like everyone else has said, get back on it. The weight loss is worth it.


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Hey hon
Well done for losing 7 1/2 pounds........... forget the breadstick just jump back on your doing fab.. xxx


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I'm with the girls on this one hon, forget it, put it behind you and get right back on track. You're doing fantastic, get the packs you don't like changed. I'm doing SS+ but only get shakes and bars as I to didn't like the porridge or the soups. Drink plenty of water and stay focused. You can do it and we're all here to give love and support xx

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