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Have I gone wrong?


is going to do this!
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Hey everyone, hope you're all having success with CD!

Well I had Day one yesterday, and found it really hard... I was hungry nearly all day and SO nearly cheated lol, but I stuck to it.

Anyway, today is day two, and I haven't felt hungry at all (I've been up since 6, I'm an early bird), and I've only had the porridge. I'm just a bit worried I've done something wrong.

Firstly, this morning I made a cup of tea and added a splash of milk, completely out of habit. I drunk half the mug before I realised, but then got rid of the rest. I've also had two pieces of chewing gum today, as I felt like I needed to chew something yesterday (I'm on Sole Source 100%), and I didn't even think til about half an hour ago that there would be calories in chewing gum, I guess as you don't swallow it you don't normally think, and now basically because of the tea and gum incident I'm worried I've stopped myself going into ketosis. (I think that's supposed to happen day 4ish normally?)

Do you think this is what happened? And if so, how much of an impact would it have had on the ketosis process? Other than these two incidents, I've stuck to it totally and had no other foods. How long will it take for me to get into ketosis from now, have I got to ''start again'' as it were?

Sorry if this seems a bit silly, I just want to do it right. It's just I found yesterday so hard, and today has been really easy. Any advice appreciated. Hope you're all managing better than me on this haha! :)
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I'm sure you'll be fine hun. I don't know about the chewing gum but as you're only on day 2 your body should still be processing carbs you ate before, so the milk shouldn't harm you too much.
hiya as said above, dont worry... a lot of us automatically popped things in our mouths as its an automatic thing...

as you guessed, on ss you can't have milk or gum but i doubt very much it will have had that much impact...

Well done for getting through day 1....

A splash of milk won't harm the process - on SS+ you can have 4 packs & 200ml of skimmed milk and that got me into ketosis within 48hrs. If you must have gum, make sure it's sugar free & spit it out within a minute or so or it may stimulate your hunger. Good luck with the diet!


is going to do this!
S: 12st2lb C: 10st1lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 25 Loss: 2st1lb(17.06%)
Oh OK thank you so much everyone for your replies! You've put me at ease :) I don't know if I'm in ketosis or not, I'll order a test online I think. I just don't feel hungry or anything, but I haven't had any of the dizziness/headaches etc that I was expecting!
Anyway thanks again, good luck to you lot too :)
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Dont worry about the gum my CDC told me to have it as ketosis gives you minging breath she said aslong as its sugar free and you dont have loads its perfectly fine :):):) well done so far its sooo worth it


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Just to say you sound like your doing fab..
I am sure the milk has not made too much difference and I cant imagine the gum will either.
To be honest I stayed off the gum.. now on my 12th week and decided I cant bear my stinky breathe any more so every now and then I have gum and it has not affected me at all. mind you I only had it from yesterday lol ..

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