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Have I had too much fruit?!


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Hi all, I've eaten an awful lot of fruit this week and wondering if this will be bad for my loss this week! I've counted and have had 20 pieces of fruit, consisting of clementines, oranges, pears, apples, bananas, mangos (a whole one 2 days running)and blueberries. I have had lots of veg too and have stuck to the plan 100%, but am a bit worried I've had too much! I lost 1/2lb last week after doing the same, but was putting this down to star week! What do you think?!X
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It shouldn't! Fruit is superfree, and usually a speed or superspeed food (except bananas and mango).
20 pieces of fruit in a week isn't that much if you average it out - 2 0r 3 a day. I see no problems there :)

Just watch it with the bananas. Some people lack what I like to call bananabilityand eating too many hinders their losses. But one a day is usually alright.


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I reckon I am having more than that - probably get through about 15-20 clementines, 5 bananas and 5 apples a week - and it hasn't effected my weight loss.

My consultant always says not to have too much of the wrong fruits - bananas are not the best as they do not has SS next to them in the books. If I think if I slow down, may swap the bananas for some berries.


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must admit when i eat fruit, i eat about 6 pieces of fruit a day, and thats just at work. xx
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Its okay if you know your body!

I know that when i eat more fruit it just bloats me and does nothing for weight loss, i found this out the first time i ever did SW :(
I love fruit as well but have to restrict myself to 3 pieces a day, any more and it stops weight loss and bungs me up.

Everyone is different though.


Never gets tired of SW!
G: 10st10lb
I haven't had all that many bananas, 4 throughout the week! I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed! I'm suffering from fear and panic that I'm going to be disappointed tonight, because I was last week! If I've had a good loss tonight I'll be over the moon, I'm just nervous about being disappointed 2 weeks running! Oh well, no point in obsessing about it, I'll deal with it if it happens and I should be thinking positively anyway!!X
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we eat fruit as if it is going out of fashion in our house between me and my little lady in my avatar, we don't do sweets or crisps, i refuse to buy them unless its a treat as i will eat them all!

Never had a problem with it affecting my losses over the years, it can sometimes help more!

If we dont have any fruit in the house it makes us rather sluggish in the toilet routine, so would rather have it, just got to try and keep it in our food budget which can be hard! I'm on ESA so get £89.90 per week, but paying a loan so its more like £75 per week, so we try to stick to about £30 a week on food & fruit...

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