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Have i reached my 15 syns by 7.30am?

S: 9st4lb C: 7st10lb G: 7st10lb BMI: 19.8 Loss: 1st8lb(16.92%)
Hi everyone
I choose to do EE as I couldnt bare the thought of not having heaps of spag with my bol or mash with my bangers....however I am a yoghurt and cereal addict and feel i'm suffering only having 28g a day! The hardship:cry:

If I did green/red could I then have 56g of cereal - forsaking my carbs/protein allowance???

I dont have digital scales so just "free pour" YES I KNOW I am probably overeating but I'm frightened of the small amount I may be presented with. :eek: Could you tell me how many sins are in 30g of dorset muesli please.

I am also addicted to readybrek made with MOO chocolate and banana milkshake.....any idea on the syns for this per 100ml? cals 61 fat 1.1 carbs 9.6

I hate mullerlites as i think they taste fake so go through bucket loads of yeovalley organic FF vanilla - is this free as it is FF?

OH NO I'm worried I have started my day all wrong...playgroup this morning I was hoping to save some syns for a custard cream or 2!!

Thanks :(
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I can't help with the syns I'm afraid. But I feel your pain with the cereal. I used to just have a big bowl of cereal for lunch before I started doing SW and I'm really missing it. On the plus side, at least one box is gonna last bloody ages :p


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Hi! You really need to get yourself a set of scales because otherwise you're sabotaging your own weight loss. It's hard enough to lose weight without making it even more difficult for yourself.

There are a few dorset muesli varieties online but this looked like the basic one

Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli 28g

Original 5 Syns
Green 5 Syns

By the way a tablespoon is roughly 17g so if you're eating any more than 2 tbsp then you're likely having too much.

And yes you could have two HEBs of the same thing to increase the amount you get, although it's recommended that you vary your HEs.

There isn't a manufacturer called Moo online I'm afraid. If you give the protein content I'll see what I can do although the calculator isn't great for working out liquids.

I'm afraid the Yeo Valley isn't syn free.

Yeo Valley Organic Fat Free Probiotic Yogurt, Vanilla, Organic 450g pot

Original 4½ Syns
Green 4½ Syns

Try the Activia FF vanilla yoghurt which I think is much nicer than Muller.
I agree, you must get some digital scales hun, you can pick them up cheap in Argos and will last you ages! Mine live on the worktop and are used every day.
Do you have time to have a cooked breakfast in a morning? I've just had bacon, eggs, beans and mushrooms - all free and far more filling than cereal and not a HEX used!
Some things have to change if you want this to work and ready brek made with milkshake is one of the things that will have to go! How about porridge (B) made with a sachet of options? (2 syns)

If you do have 28g cereal try bulking it out with a banana or some berries?
S: 9st4lb C: 7st10lb G: 7st10lb BMI: 19.8 Loss: 1st8lb(16.92%)
You are all SSOOOO right!!!!!!!! I shall put scales on my christmas list! :) Thanks - will try the Activia FF vanilla yoghurt and have now finished the MOO Milkshake so wont buy it again!! PROMISE!

I have tried the magic porridge recipe posted and really enjoyed it so that may be the way forward for me!


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hi why dont you get some porridge which is sachets from asda, they are perfect one size portions and make them with water in the microwave and add some coco powder, ff yogurt (vanilla would be perfect) and fresh banana? this would make a lovely filling breakfast which would be low in syns. porridge is really filling too :)

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