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Have I totally failed!?!?!?


I have been on Lipo trim for about 2.5 weeks now. I was at a party on Saturday and they were serving food none stop.

It was driving me crazy.

I cheated... but ate a tiny tiny bit of cheese just to make myself feel a little better. I know that certain cheeses have no carbs in it therefore I would stay in Ketosis.

But thing is... have I totally ruined the diet!?!?!?!? I know I am still in Ketosis but now my mind thinks I can cheat.

I had my shake this morning and then had again a little bit of cheese.

I feel like a total failure. Please help!

Kind Regards,

A very sad Simon :'(
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ah simon, dont feel like a failure hun. its 2 little bits of cheese. just get back on track and avoid the cheese. put a pic of urself on the fridge either at ur biggest or smallest, this will hopefully stop u if ur thinking about the reason for not eating.
u can do it hun, be strong and stay focused.
good luck
x x


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Most of us have had a little slip like that, but you have to remember the reasons why you started this diet in the first place and re focus your thoughts. Forget about the cheese - that bit is done and dusted. Move on and get back on track. Get a ticker up so that you can see (and we can too) your progress at a glance, it helps. Its all mind games and depends how much you want to do this and succeed. You cannot let a little bit of cheese beat you - squish it and squash it from your mind and you will be back on track losing loads :D :D xx
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Hey there i'd say no you haven't ruined it as long as you don't pick anymore from now to your weigh in. i'M just getting back on track after failing miserably the last couple of weeks and have to say picking is a major down fall if you do it one week and manage to lose weight you think you can carry on like that so learn from it and stop now. i felt sooooo guilty after picking at food i couldn't handle it so i decided to get back on track 100% hope this helps and good luck hun x


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You probably havnt ruined your weight loss for the week with a bit of cheese but you are ruining yourself by thinking that you can do a total food replacement diet and eat!

If you are serious about losing the weight, and serious about doing this amazing diet then you need to buck up yer ideas.
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As you're still in ketosis you probably haven't really impacted your weight loss, but, thinking that you can eat as long as you stick to low carb foods obviously isn't the way forward on a TFR diet! So, stop thinking you've ruined it & dwelling on it, move on & no more picking!

Good luck!! :)

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like the others said i doubt you have ruined this weeks weight loss but you are on a slippery slope. Picking is prob alot of overweight people's biggest problem you need to stop it now while ur on this or you will just go back to doing it wen you refeed.

You wil get threw it but food is a big no no the shakes are your food now NO MORE EATING and you will be on your way to your goal weight and getting rid of a very dangerous habit...picking!

irish molly

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Have to agree with the previous posts. This is a TFR diet and picking is not really an option. It is better for yourself to be strict about it. It is not good to think you can get away with cheating. Keep up.
Simon, I just say spray cheese on tv and wanted a full can to myself :( I love cheese. Im 5 days at it and to be honest its been ALOT easier than I predicted. I have a obviously not been near alcohol either which is good as I believe I was developing a habit.


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Get back on track immediately and put the past few days behind you.
My husband did exactly what you did and failed on the diet
Its much easier not to have any food because then you get in the zone and can easily say no. If you continue picking you are constantly thinking about food

Good luck and get back on track try and stay focused
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hi i did the same on saturday night and luckly it didn`t affect my weight loss at weigh in at all.......still lost 7lbs!!! but i wont be picking again!!!!....not worth the risk! gonna stay away from social situations for a few weeks!:eek::eek:

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