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Have to eat some syns....

Hi guys
I find that I use approx 5 syns throughout the day in sauces, or dressings etc. I would like to be eating about 10-15 a day, but Im not really into chocolate and stuff, so only being new to this, what kinds of things do you all eat infront of the TV at night.? For example, tonight I have approx 10 syns to use up. All my meals are planned out, so I need to find something nice for the rest of my syns... something that feels 'sinful'. ;)
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How about a couple of meringue nests with some fruit and fromage frais? They are 2.5 syns each.

Some people use them in cooking, so olive oil or gravy or mayo or butter on bread. I don't have any of these things so use mine on chocolate and biscuits normally!
i tend to use mine on puddings after dinner - great recipes on the recipe thread! and if i feel i need a chocolate fix - a couple (or 10!) of those mikado sticks do the trick for me!
I think the mikado sticks are 1/2 syn each. Not sure who makes them, but they have them in my sainsburys down the biscuit aisle, they have a big box and a multpack of 3 smaller boxes. they are yum!
Skinny cow lollies are nice if you have syns to spare - 4.5 syns each. Meringue nests (2.5) with berries and yogurt. Or if you're not into sweet things, what about ryvita (1.5 syns each) and cottage cheese? Just some of the things I like to snack on!


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French Fries crisps - 4 syns
Wotsits - 4.5 syns
Walkers Baked Crisps - 5 syns
Nik Naks - 7 syns
Walkers normal flavours - 6.5 syns
Skips - 4.5 syns
Cremosa Strawberry sweet lollies-1.5 syns



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My thoughts turn to wine :rolleyes: I know it's empty calories, but it hits the spot!


Minimins is the best!
im the same as you, mostly dressings and sauces, the occasional bit of choc or biscuit.
my new thing is natural yog with vanilla ess and sweetner, fruit and a crushed meringue (or 2!) really lovey and filling, and ive just started freezing muller lights - not a syn i know but lovely!!!!
how about low fat icecream??


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i wish i could save my syns been trying but dont ever seem to have enough lol most of mine go on ceareal bars, snackajacks, the odd biscuit,things in cooking sauces ect, some frozen conveinience food ready meals chicken chargrills , chipy and indian chineses as a real treat .
I hope I am correct in saying that muller light yoghurts are totally free (except the layered ones).
Well, they BETTER be free as I have about 3-4 a day. lol
I also have them with fruit... I drop a few grapes in there..... yummy.

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