HAVE to lose weight now


Hello all!

I am rejoining SW after several weeks of bingeing. My problem is that over Christmas, I saw a liver specialist who told me some scary things, and basically said I HAVE to lose weight now. I have about 7 stone to lose...I *think* I have the motivation now, because I am scared about my liver, but only time will tell. How long do you reckon it will take to lose 7 stone?


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Devon Dolce

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Hello and welcome! Sorry to hear about your health issues but I'm sure that by following SW you'll be on the right path to a fitter future (hope that doesn't sound patronising - it's certainly not meant too!). It's difficult to say how long it will take to lose 7 stones - how long's a piece of string? But an average lose of 1lb a week is just under 4 stone in a year! My advice would be to celebrate each half stone loss and before you know it you'll be closer to target xxx


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Welcome to the forum, and I'm sorry that you have health issues - but everybody's metabolism is different, so all you can do is stay on the plan and you'll find that you will lose weight every week, and it will soon start to come down, so good luck with your weight loss.

Mrs V

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I agree with Devon Dumpling, you can can loose the weight easily within a year and half if you are motivated enough. The best thing about SW is that the food choises are so varied that it isnt a diet at all. You do not have to go without, you just learn to adapt and thats the important thing.


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Welcome to the forum x

I can only echo what the others have said but would add that it is best to focus on smaller targets as the thought of 7 stone is quite daunting (I have the same as you to lose). Split it up in to mini-targets of 7lb at a time BUT also remember that every poubd you are losing is making you healthier. Yes, you have 7 stone to lose but you aren't magically going to get better when you hit that 7 stone lost mark, you are getting better every step of the way and every pound you lose xx

Fallen Angel

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Yes, you have 7 stone to lose but you aren't magically going to get better when you hit that 7 stone lost mark, you are getting better every step of the way and every pound you lose xx

Just what I was going to say! Every few pounds will make you better and healthier!! A stone will be a good improvement - 2 will be wonderful - 3 nearly halfway there etc etc! :D


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The liver is a remarkable organ Treat it badly and it can kill you.

Treat it well and it can regenerate and be almost as good as new.

Your LFTs will improve over time if you are good to yourself and careful. This plan will help.

Good luck. Take just one step at a time, one pound at a time, each half stone at a time. Factor in some non-edible treats when you reach mini targets and that 7st will be gone in no time.

It took me time to gain my weight, it will take me time to lose it. Just enjoy the journey and reap the benefits x ;)


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Hi, sorry to hear about your health problems but you have done the right thing in saying you will loose weight. How long it takes is up to you, diet 100% and it will come off steadily, diet 100% and excersise and it will come off quicker, mess around and it will take an age. The sooner you start, the sooner you will be on the road to recovery and every pound lost will improve your health and fitness. Good luck.


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Well done for making such a positive move!! It's possible to lose 7 stone in a year, but that would be putting quite a lot of pressure on you! I'd say see how it goes, and take it gradually, as others have said, take it in small steps, celebrate each 1/2 stone and see how you get on! Your Doctor said that you need to lose weight for your liver, but it's amazing how losing just 10% of your body weight can have a huge impact on your health! Your liver will be thanking you as soon as you start eating healthily so don't think that you have to lose the whole 7 stone to start seeing the benefits! Say your start weight is 18 stone, you would need to lose 25 lb to really see massive benefits (that's why SW has the Club 10 (10% of body weight award) because it's scientifically proven to show improvements in things like Blood Pressure, blood glucose control in diabetics, liver function and a host of other health concerns. Good luck, I'm sure you'll enjoy it and don't forget to eat lots!x


Thanks everyone! So far so good. I have tried and failed to lose weight many times, but I am so worried about my liver that I think this time it might actually work! I s'pose each cloud has a silver lining....I also have other problems due to my weight though, such as a bad knee, occasional bad back etc.. I am looking forward to all of these things improving!


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I don't think you can put a time limit on it.. as someone said, how long is a peice of string! But.. If you are motivated enough and set yourself mini goals, i think its a good start! If you are struggling or need ANY help.. just log on! This site is a life saver! Keeps you busy too ;)


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I totally agree about logging onto this site!! Whenever i feel like wavering i go on here and read through the posts, past and present and it really is a great motivator!!!!

Good luck x