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Have u got a non weight target for whilst loosing weight?


Slimming for my children
As in for instance mine is to get my wedding ring on then wear wedding and engagement ring together!

I got married aug 2009 and only was able to wear my wedding ring for a week. Cos I was 5 months pregnant and suffered alot of water retention. My engagement ring came off months before and is two sizes smaller.
I havent been able to get either back on since and it kills me.
I try my wedding ring on every day just to see and it does seem to be able to get further down my finger. Thing is I weigh 2lb less now than I did when I fell pregnant so god knows when it will fit nicely.


Also I would love to just go into a shop like new look and know I will not cringe when I see myself try something on and come out of the shop feeling worse than I did before I went in. X

Added a pic of how far each will go down today. :(
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banana phone
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I want to feel like me again and i know once i start to loose weight and it stays off(it will have no choice this time as i will be donating all my bigger cloths to charity ;) ), this dark mood will lift and i will be happier.

Also sounds odd but i have 126 lbs to loose so for each pound i do loose going to save a pound in money so when i get to my goal weight i will have a little something to get some new cloths with or perhaps a very nice pair of shoes :D


Slimming for my children
That's a good idea I hVe 61 to get to my initial target of 13 stone 4 which is what I was when I first met my husband. Ended up at 20 stone 3 after I had my baby. Eeeeek. Am 17.4 now so I thunk that's 61 lbs? But obviously already lost 5lbs so 56 to go. X


banana phone
S: 17st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 4st8lb(26.02%)
You'll do fantastically :D and you already am. My body changed shape after i had my little man and well everything changes to an extent and well hopefully i can shed the weight and become a fitter and healthier mummy for him.


Still rockin' it
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My initial target was to get to the weight I was when I got married (lowest I had ever been in my life- 13st), and have my wedding ring fit again.

I got there, carried on, lost an extra 2 stone and am now considering having my wedding/engagement rings made smaller

You CAN do this ladies! Be confident and positive and with lots of hard work it is very possible........And it feels AWESOME


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My OH is putting £2 in a jar for every 1lb I lose, so by the time I hit target I should have a couple of hundred to go shopping with. I also want to regain my confidence a bit. I'm planning to meet up with some friends I've not seen in about 5 years so I want to get as small as possible before then! :)

Cocktailprincess, you're such an inspiration! Even just reading that has made me want to do that little bit extra exercise today, thank you.

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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We're having a girly weekend away in July (24 weeks to go) and I'm using it as my aim to lose 24lbs - my best friends love me for who I am, but the place we're staying in has a pool and I'd like to be in a bikini for it along with all the other girlies xx


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HI all

Strangely enough one of my goals was to get me wedding and engagement rings back on, when we went to Kefaloni about 5 years ago hubby got me a "replacement" wedding ring... well now I can get both the originals back on -together :happy036:and my replacement one will actually go on my thumb :p
Im down 108lbs and have another 80lbs to go -so still a fair way yet .... my next goal is to weigh less than hubby -Im nearly there :faint2:- I have NEVER weighed less than him... but I will and soon :cross:
As some might have read -i have signed up for the women for women charity trek through Nepal next year so now Im trying to raise the sponsorship (there is a link in my signature if anyone feels they can help :D)-AND get rid of the rest of this wobble.... having such an amazing experience waiting for me is really helping keep me focussed... well that and the fact that I don't want air rescue having to fetch me of the top of a mountain :p


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I am not focussing on my weight so much as lifestyle change. Many people in my family have had major illnesses, but most are also morbidly obese. I don't believe genes so much as fatness is responsible for a lot of it. Obviously I can't change my genes but I can change the other risk factors.

I suppose being on SW has just opened my eyes to the fact that I can change the things I'm not happy with. So I am doing something about my size, and I am exercising to improve my lack of fitness. I am making plans but also doing things, even if it is just crazy little things, learning skills I've always wanted to learn, going places I want to visit. I suffer from depression but I am trying to be more positive and hoping that that part of my brain takes the hint. I suppose that SW starting to work for me has made me realise more that happiness doesn't just happen, it has to be worked at. And I can be the kind of person I've always wanted to be, I just have to nudge myself in the right direction.

So mine is just to make myself the best me I can be :)


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I bought a gorgeous dress and jacket in a size about 4 too small for me so will be nice to fit into them comfortably.


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I lost 40kg a few years back, found 30 of them again in the last 4 years..:doh:

but I loved my collarbones when I had them! I want them back! - should be visible in another 15kg or so...I can't wait


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I have lots! But mainly that I want to go sleeveless in summer for the first time in years and fit into normal sized clothes! Am saving money for shopping and can't wait to shop anywhere instead of just being limited to Evans. I think i'm more concerned with dress size than weight because I am naturally curvy so once i've reached the size I like i'll stop there


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hiyer, there's some brillant aims and achivements in this post. When i first started it was just to get fitter, then last summer, i went sleeveless and wore a dress and skirt for 1st time in years. Then i saw my to goal dress, a lovely monson,(which is a dress outside my comfort zone) about 4 sizes to small, i am to get into it by 26th aug for my best friends wedding. Good luck to everyone with there goals:D


Bring on the trumpets
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To wear a bikini on holiday.....not a 'slimmer' cozzy or a tankini that rides up.............:cry:


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Hiya, some great and inspirational targets on here. I have several but the main ones are too fit my original wedding & engagement rings on, instead of a thumb ring I bought in my skinnier days:eek: and too feel confident enough to go swimming etc on holiday with my boys and hubbie! and also too just feel healthier and have more energy too enjoy life!!!

Good luck everyone with your journey towards those non weight targets.

Emma x


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My non weight goal is to fit comfortably into an airline seat when i go on my belated honeymoon in December.

I had to call off the original as it would have cost 1000s of extra pounds to upgrade us both to business/first class to allow me to be comfortable.

I would also like to be able to shop for my holiday clothes in a 'normal' shop!!