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Extra Easy Have you been a super 'free' hero today?


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Partly because am looking for some inspiration I was just wondering what superfree foods people had had today and how that had balanced out with the rest of the food and did it equal the 1/3 rule or even better? I think I have been getting a bit complacent with it so am going to make an extra effort.

Today I have had raspberries, oranges, strawberries, apple, mushrooms, onion, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumber and rocket
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I had rocket, tomatoes, cucumber,orange, apple, mushrooms and onion. I'm on red but dinner definitely had more than 1/3 for dinner. SW quiche with bacon,lots of mushrooms, onions and tomatoes on top. Are eggs superfree or does it only count for fruit and veg?


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Apple, banana and clem with all bran and soya milk at breakfast.

Spinach, mango, grated carrot, lettuce, tomatoes with chicken and an egg as a salad for lunch.

Lots of stirfried veg (ready bag), mushrooms and soya beans with turkey and half a nest of noodles for dinner.

Just a shame about the cake I had at playtime that spoilt things. Did go to gym for Body Pump class - hopefully that'll sort out the syns from the piece of cake. :(


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I have eaten a mountain of superfree (but I always do).

Here's today's food diary (trying a red day today) and it's about typical for me. I think I've eaten about 1/2 to 2/3 superfree...

Breakfast: 2 weetabix HExB with milk from HExA allowance, with a banana and an apple
Snack: Nectarine and pear and a Mr Kipling Lemon Slice 5.5syns
Lunch: Cod fillet with carrots, broccoli, baby corn, green beans, orange and mixed berries with Onken FF yogurt
Snack: banana
Dinner: Quorn steak strips stir fry (Quorn, frylight, soy sauce, rice vinegar, mangetout, carrot, water chestnuts, bamboo sprouts, mushrooms, cabbage and onion)
Post Aerofusion snacks: Apple, banana and some onken fat free vanilla yogurt, with coffee and a Hi Fi Bar HExB


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Today has been a typical green day for me:
B: Branflakes, ff yogurt, banana, kiwi, grapes
L: Pasta n sauce with extra sweetcorn, mushrooms, spinach. Yogurt, mango.
D: Quorn steak, mash, corn, carrots, brocolli

Also done my hex's and 7 syns so am a happy SW bunny!


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Briliant to see all this superfree!

I have had: oranges, bananas, grapes, lettuce, leeks, onions, aubergines, fennel, tomatoes, cucumber, courgettes, white wine (oh, sorry, that's only superfree in my fantasies!!).


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I've had two bananas, an apple, two clementines, lettuce, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes. Not too bad considering I've only really had breakfast and lunch today!


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Yesterday I had:-
  1. 3 apples
  2. melon
  3. orange
  4. asparagus
  5. leeks
  6. red pepper
  7. roasted tomatoes/onions
  8. celeriac salad
  9. romanesco
  10. onions
  11. lettuce
  12. cucumber
  13. tomatoes
  14. tickled beetroot
I usually have plenty of super free as I love my fruit/veggies

today I will have at least:-
  1. apple
  2. fresh pineapple
  3. melon
  4. hm soup -leeks, broccoli, romanesco
  5. mixed berries
  6. lettuce
  7. cucumber
  8. tomatoes
  9. onions
  10. red/yellow/orange pepper
  11. celeriac salad
  12. tickled beetroot/cabbage/celeriac
  13. tickled cabbage