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Have you been surprised....

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
things I miss

I suppose sitting down for a meal that I have prepared. i am not going to describe what food I miss as I am not into sadomasochism LOL:D
Yes I do miss certain food but not so much that it is bothering me at the moment Thank God!:D
Initially I missed anything and everything I could think of, lol... Now I get serious cravings for steak!! It's almost a constant craving, always at the back of my mind... haha, A steak with salad - yummyyyyy
I guess you can tell I totally 100% love my meat ;-)


Here we go again!
At the mo it's grated cheese and salad cream sandwiches. I think that's cos someone mentioned them on here the other day. Damn you!


I will be skinny again!!!
I miss cheese the most... and prawns and dr Pepper

And a proper coffee althought im not finding black coffee too bad!!
i miss indian curry my favourite food and a good roast dinner lol

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Never was a massive meat eater but I'm missing chicken tikka big time, maybe its the thought of chewing! XX
ooooh what do i miss? LOL

I miss eggs, just being able to eat - but now i am starting to want the most bizarre things such as Kelloggs Allbran (WTF?) I usually hate it but i think it will be the first brekkie i have after refeed! LOL. And i was salivating over my colleagues salad :eek: Thats very strange......LOL


I will be skinny again!!!
All bran!! haha brilliant!!

Although i love bran flakes lol!!
I miss really strong flavours. Mostly, right at this moment, a toasted bacon and stilton sandwich.......sigh ;)


I will be skinny again!!!
I loved bacon and cheese sarnies!! :)

I really really fancy something really really garlicy!!
I enjoyed my grilled chicken and green beans last night, (snowed in and had no shakes) and it proved I dont need to have a huge plateful. Really craving nice healthy meals, but it will all be worth it in the end.


I'm losing it big time !!
I'm missing curry this week and a nice rare fillet steak with stilton sauce :(. The biggest surprise for me is that I haven't missed alcohol at all. I used to have a few cans every night after work and could never manage to get through a full week without it no matter how hard I tried.


My husband = My hero
I think im kiddin my self that i miss fruit an veg, because i know if i slipped on this diet i would be straight to KFC haha

I miss pasta ad potatoes tho, specially in this cold weather!! xx