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have you noticed?

Two weeks ago I said to OH "who the feck would eat a fish finger sandwich??!... This week I was licking the telly when said advert was on! :D

M&S ones are the worst though!!
Another terrible thing about CD was the awful increase in my sense of smell :)
oh the m&s ones kill me they play them in slow motion for full on effect aswell the pr**ks!!! last night it was a big choloate log roll type thing mmm............*drooling here :D :D
Ha ha Becky.. that's the one!! The Easter one with the roast chicken! :(

I've got to give it to them though; thats one helluva ad campaign... I don't normally shop in M&S but have found myself in there several times (pre CD of course) frantically looking for the contents of their latest ad!

They should give their ad dept a raise!!


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Two weeks ago I said to OH "who the feck would eat a fish finger sandwich??!...
ME!!! fish finger sandwiches are the best!! or maybe second to sausage&mash. it's a difficult call..

I keep seeing the M&S advert with the easter chocolate on :( I'm saving my easter eggs for summer!!


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M&S choc is horrid anyway. My 7 yr old daughter really wanted the chocolate sauce from the advert because it wasn't just nutella it was M&S belgian chocolate truffle dipping sauce (or something). i also got her the strawberrys and the lot cost about £5.00 She thought it was 'hideous' and hasn't taken any notice of the adverts ever since. So at least 1 good thing came out of it.


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ROFL - that M&S Easter one just kills me! The chocolate cake, I could eat the tv!


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Oh sorry Liz... :D Never heard of it before that's all. Mind you I love cold mince on a sandwich and most people think that's mingin! :D
it's ok, I'll forgive you :) I've never tried cold mince on a sandwich.. I do eat cold mince though.. cold shepherds pie YUM :)

veggie finger sandwiches are yummy as well.. you know the veggie version of fish fingers, but it's got peas and stuff inside... on nice thick white bread with marg on so it all goes soggy *drool*

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