Have you tried Butter Buds?


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Hi all, has anyone tried Butter Buds (available from Lakeland)? They are little sachets of 'buds' that taste like butter but only 5 cals per sachet- great for using in mash, JPs, pasta, veg, if you like/miss the taste of butter in things! I haven't tried them yet but my friend has bought some for me and she tried them last night and said they're really good!X
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I got some from lakeland after reading about them on here. I have (so far) only tried them on pasta and veg, and to be totally honest, I couldn't take the difference.
Tomorrow I will try them on a jacket potato and will let you know. I also thought the use by date was quite short (Aug 2010) when I only brought them a couple of weeks ago. That said, I didn't notice til I got them home, I very very much doubt I will but them again.


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I love them!! I add them to mash with a little milk and over cooked veg to glaze. They are brilliant. I posted about them a couple of months ago on this page but they got moved to 'where the bargains are'?!?!?


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Kitchen gadget shops - used to be called Lakeland Plastics. They have branches across the country, just check their website for your local one.


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they are 7 cals each and work out at half a syn each

I have been using them for a couple of years and never leave salisbury (nearest lakeland) without them
you can get them at lakeland online store too