Haven't started yet


Hi, I'm Steph, 26. Currently 19st :(
I was advised to look in here for some great advice. I am hoping to start LL in January and am waiting for a call back from my local LL counsellor (will call Monday if I haven't heard anything).
I was advised not to start so near to Christmas.......
I really want to succeed and be a healthy, fun, energetic mummy to my 3 year old daughter, and to give her a little brother or sister. We have been trying for a year, but I know in my heart it is the weight that stopping us.
Hopefully I will be accepted on LL as I don't have any health problems other than being overweight.
I hope you all don't mind me asking for help and advice during my LL journey.....
You ask away, Steph! It's lovely to have you here! Anything we can to do help, please just shout!

BTW I started LL at the end of October last year and SSd through Xmas, NYE and my birthday - it wasn't the greatest Crimbo ever, but it was worth it! lol

Best of luck to ya, hun!
Welcome aboard steph. If u need any help at all feel free to pm me or just post.
Looking forward to reading about your weight loss journey.
Take care xxx
Should I chase my LL counsellor tomorrow? She might have a week off or something, it's just that I'm despirate for info........I called on Tuesday morning and left a message for her?
I'm really undecided.....I know you can make 100's of excuses but I really do feel that moving house and christmas are two things that are key in my life at the moment and I want to give 100%, when I start it til I get used to it......if that makes sense.
Hopefully I can talk it through with LL counsellor when I get hold of her.....
I started at the beginning of October and will be ss-ing through Crimbo, NYE and my birthday also!!

However, I think if I were thinking of doing it now I'd be tempted to wait until after Christmas.

Although frankly when I did start in October it could have been Christmas Eve and I'd have still started - I was right at the end of my tether and desperate!! :D (ok... maybe that's a slight exaggeration - but it was a real relief to get going with it!)
Hiya Steph, hope the ll counsellor has been in touch. Im on day 23 and have lost 17 lbs so far. I had *christmas dinner* the weekend before I started. Best of luck when you start in January. Be sure to let us know when you get a response. I decided to ignore the advice that I was given by my counsellor about increasing my water intake and cutting down carbs, in fact I went into eat everything mode for about a week before my first class, I had 4 days of hell with detox, other members of my group had a far easier time who followed the advice. Dont be as daft as I was and welcome to the best diet Ive ever tried, although not the easiest at times, it is worth it. Ask any questions you might have, beleive me, the guys here are invaluable source of information and an even better source of support, you are not on your own.

Welcome to a brilliant diet and a very supportive group. I started on 26th September and my counsellor told me it was the last group to start before xmas. She didn't recommend starting to near to the big day either. Enjoy yourself before you start and keep your start date in mind. You will be all the more motivated. I ate for England for four weeks before I starte LL and put on half on stone. I wouldn't recommend doing that! I could be half a stone lighter now! Doh! So far I have lost 27lbs, 1 lb of 2 stone. Its a brilliant diet. Good luck!
Welcome Steph

You decide when you want to start, and if you have fixed on a new year and a LL start in Jan that's fine. You will get great support here - whether it be questions, support, sharing success, a shoulder to cry on (from someone who knows what this VLCD can be like), and we know the issues of having a lot of weight to lose rather than those who moan at being 7lb overweight!!! We are here for the long haul not the short hop..
LL is great - you WILL get results and you will learn so much about your eating habits and the reasons you eat along the way.
One piece of advice I would follow is in the couple of weeks before you start, DO cut down on your carbs and up your water intake. It makes the transition into sole sourcing and ketosis so much better. Then once you have the blanket of ketosis to comfort you you will be on the way to slimdom and a healthier life. You have some specific goals - like being an energetic mum and trying for child no.2 so you have all the motivation to keep you going.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Joolz x
Dear Steph,
Well done to those LLifers who started before Christmas, I take my hat off to you (if I were wearing one!). However, my advice would be to start after Christmas.
First of all, I imagine it will be really difficult to do over C/Mas and New Year and secondly you will be `chomping at the bit` to start in the new year and you will really go for it.
Enjoy Christmas, don`t go too mad;try and eat reasonably healthily before you start, then you will have hardly any withdrawal systems (husband and myself had none).
Steph, this is the best diet I have ever done. You are completley removed from weighing, measuring and counting food. There is no long list of rules to obey, no sins, only one big rule - YOU DON`T EAT. That sounds hard by once you see your weight loss, after only a few days, you will be spurred on and on. Keep coming in here for the support and advice, everybody is great.
I am on week 18, lost 47lbs and have gone from a size 20/22 to a size 12/14.
Best of luck.
Still no answer :(
Oh well, I left another message - maybe she has a week off..............I guess I'll have to be patient, which I'm really bad at. When I've made a decision I like to just get on and make progress....ho hum!

Thanks for the advice about cutting back on carbs and increasing my water intake........shall try and do that!

I really don't want to go into Last Supper mode and eat everything in site over Christmas, so I'm gonna be strong and get in practice for LL.
Hi Steph

just wanted to wish you all the best for when you start.

Like everyone else I have done all the diets but so far this is the one working for me.

Yes, its been a struggle at times, but name me one diet that isnt.

Its bad that the LL hasnt been back in touch with you, have you considered contacting a Cambridge one aswell so you can compare the too.?

I am doing Cambridge and enjoying all the different shakes/soups. The bars are nice too but they dont agree with me so not having anymore.

Wishing you all the best.

Deb x
Hello, I am 6 weeks in and 19lbs lighter, my 100 days takes me through christmas, new year and my birthday too, but to be honest that doesn't worry me at all now although it did to begin with. My resolve is strong now I will not give in over the festivities!

My counsellor used to weigh 19 stones too and the difference in her is amazing it really helped her turn her life around.

Good luck with everything!

Still haven't heard from LL but have emailed my local CD counsellor today too, so we'll see who gets back to me.

Have done some calculations and I'd be pushing it to afford LL.

Oh well, we'll see tomorrow