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Having a bad day :-(

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and hope nobody minds me getting things off my chest. I don't know whether it's the change of season or what but I feel so gloomy today and need cheering up.

I joined slimming world last year and lost a stone which made me feel brilliant as I've always carried a little bit of extra weight, which although I'm not huge, at 5' 3, I never felt comfortable with. I felt amazing when I lost the weight but slowly I gave into temptation and before I knew it, it slowly crept back on, and a couple of weeks ago it hit home to me when my clothes started to feel a bit snug and my confidence was at an all time low.

I decided enough was enough and I was determined this time to lose the weight and keep it off (I really feel my mind is in the right place and I've learnt from my mistakes first time round). I have lost 4lb in my first week and I felt brilliant when I stepped on the scales, however I find that those around me are not always supportive and those around me often say 'you don't need to lose any weight', but I'm doing this for me and wish they could be more supportive! I've had body issues for a long time and I want to do this for myself, but I often find myself trying to explain how great slimming world is and how I'm also eating much healthier by doing it and enjoy the variety of foods.

However today, I've found those little voices creeping in discouraging me not to continue and it's made me feel really down and upset even though I have done so well in my first week. I am doing this for me, but sometimes a little support wouldn't go a miss. Sorry to write an essay but needed to get it off my chest and I don't want to give in.

I'm so glad I have found this forum during my first few weeks, as reading the posts and ideas will keep me going I think.

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Welcome to the forum!
You are slimming for just the right reason. YOU. Please don't listen to anyone tell you that you don't need to lose weight when you feel you do. You really won't feel happy about yourself until you feel right.
I am also 5' 3" and feel like a dumpling so am doing this for me. My hubby, although very supportive, can't understand why I want to as he thinks I am fine the way I am. Well I don't and will continue until I am happy, and so should you!
I have joined and left SW a few times, even targeting twice but I slipped each time. This is for good this time, and until I walk past a mirror and don't think I have a big bum or tum I will continue.
I also try and tell anyone who will listen how great SW is. Some listen and are interested, others don't believe it can work. Well, it's up to them.
I KNOW SW works so I am sticking to it.
Good luck. You did really well your first week!
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Huge hugs honey.

Please don't let whaat anyone else thinks put you off doing what you want to do to make some changes and make yourself feel better about yourself.

I know it's hard to ignore the doubters but do your best.

P.S. My best friend (who I love to bits) is naturally slim and fit and athletic and can eat anything she wants. She knows how hard I'm trying to lose weight and feel better about myself but she doesn't understand how difficult it is to stay focussed. I invited her around for dinner next thursday and we decided to have chicken stir-fry and rice. She then said what about something for dessert or starter (and mentioned lots of fatty stuff), so I said "No I don't want dessert or a starter, I'll just have dinner I don't usually eat starters or dessert (which I don't)". And she wouldn't take no for an answer so she's going to bring something and I'll have to either say no and feel bad or spend extra syns on something I don't really want. I just wish she'd be supportive, and think about how hard it can be.


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So long as you are not below what the healthy guilde lines are for SW (which is in one of the little books we got given when we joined) which for 5ft 3in is 8st 1lb, then I'd say go for it. You know how you feel in your own skin.

But even if you are at that weight that SW deems healthy, there's nothing stopping you from following the SW plans but adding extra HeA or B's like a target member would. That way you're eating healthily but not losing weight.

I/we can't say if you need to lose weight. I/we can't see you and you haven't put that information in your profile. But sometimes we just need to lose small amounts like 7lb to feel comfortable in our clothes again. Again, if that's your case then go for it but don't go too far. You admit that you have 'body issues' so I hope you'll be honest with yourself. Sometimes it's not a case of what is wrong with our waist lines and hips, but what is wrong with our perception of ourselves....only you can honestly answer that.

Good luck!
Thanks to you all for your words of support and encouragement, I'm feeling much better than I was earlier and more motivated for the week ahead. Ninja, I'm definately well within the guidelines ha :-D Thanks again :) x

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