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Having a bad week so far...


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Bad Curvy!! Norty.

I lost 2lb at class on Tuesday but since Tuesday evening I have been eating like an absolutely wild thing and now I am feeling majorly regretful :(

I hope I can turn it around so I get a loss or to STS on Tuesday, it's just a bit gutting I've failed already.

I need you guys at work telling me to STEP AWAY FROM THE CHOCOLATES that patients bring in. Bad me.
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:whip::whoopass::asskick::kissass2: Got the idea? now pull yourself together and start behaving!!!! We've all done it just go easy for the rest of the week.Be proud you coughed to it xx:grouphugg:
Hey hun, don't feel too bad! You've owned up to your mistake and the next step is getting back on track :) Just say 'no thank you, I have really sensitive teeth'! Lol, I used to use that one all the time... and 'I need a filling' accompanied by a really pained face, haha. Have you been synning the wild eating? I think it's the only way to sort the mess out from the past few days :) atleast then you can distribute your remaining syns over the rest of your week and stay within the 105 limit.

So my fellow Manc lass, whereabouts are you from? :) xxx
Definalty put it behind you now and have a fresh start, Dont give up now as you undo the good work you have done so far, tommorow is another day. The biggest thing i find is saying no, but i do now, i say yes i will come out and meet you for a drink or a coffee but i will stay strict and wont be persuaded if friends insist of buying me that second glass of wine or offering me cake with my coffee. I used to have it and say to myself oh i will make up for it tommorow but tommorow never came. After having it aswell i was left with a enormous amout of Guilt. Now i tend to use my sins and then say No to anything else. You have to put yourself first because i know in my heart the only thing that can make me truly happy now is being slim.
Hey - don't beat yourself up - as everyone say's we've all had bad days.
Perhaps you need to think about what caused you to do it? Were you feeling deprived? Was it habit or emotion? Maybe, by answering those questions you are less likely to do it again.
Keep smiling - you can do it!
Draw a line under the 'norty' and start fresh, 100%.



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stop scoffing now - try to start tomorrow with fresh view on things - think of WEEK ONE!! maybe you need to do a list of all the reasons why you want to lose weight again.....!

Back to basics - gain that focus again Curvy!!! xxx


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Just remember everything is fixable; if not this week, then next week.
You've owned up to your mistake, which is the biggest thing and now you're rectifying it! I hope all goes well my dear xxx
aww I do sympahise I had a blip last night and ate lots of naughty nibbly things and drank wine and vodka :eek::eek::eek: But I have gotten up this morning (without a hangover :confused:) and I am back on it ..... We can do it.....

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