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Having a battle in my head!

I am feeling very disheartened and I have stuggled the past few days, I am debating having a meal tonight, or something to eat which won't take me out of ketosis.

I want to and I know it wont be the end of the world, but I know I will feel an enormous sense of failure if I do it.

Has anyone done this and managed to pull it back, I'm so scared I'll just think feck it, I've ruined it now!

Ohhh the battle, I have never had to argue so hard with myself to eat a chicken salad!

I know in the past I have had cravings and got past them, but now I seem to be stuck at 15st 6lbs with no sign of going down I just want to screeeeeam!!

Any thoughts really will be appreciated haha I feel slightly mental!
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I'd hang in there hun, for me in the past when i have gotten to the arguing with myself stage i have had something and thought feck it because i didn't want to go through the arguing with myself again.

I know it's disheartening when the loss is being stubborn and not moving...but it has to it can not on 600 cals a day:)
I have on a couple of occasions. A couple of times when Ive been out with friends Ive had something which was low calorie high protein. I think because it was a concious decision and I had it in my mind it was only for the one meal it was fine...

Having said that Ive only done it on a couple of occasions AND its been for a specific reason. Its a hard call, if you give in once it could be the start of the end or on the other hand is it better to have something low cal, high protein to keep you on track :confused:
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I'm going to take myself into town and look at pretty dresses and see if I still feel the same..
Good idea Racheal. I would put it off if you can - if you would see it as a failure it may have a dramatic effect on your motivation and be really hard to get back to abstinence from. The power of those bloody scales!!! xxxx
Good idea Jools, Go out for abit and if you feel the same then have a chicken salad. As long as you make the decison that its only one meal you will be fine x

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