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Having a bit of a bad day.....

im nearing the end of my first week and yesterday i had the mother of all headaches and felt like crap. i really couldnt face my shakes/soups, even tho i know you have to have them so i just had one shake. then when my bf got home from work i was such a snappy cow! he was trying to be nice like 'you can do it' kind of thing i was like 'i dont really give a crap, i want to eat!'. i managed not to eat and i feel a bit better today but seem to having major highs and lows atm. i seem to get emotional for no reason at all too and just want to cry half the time! i really dont know why its mad! anyway sorry for the rant....
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aww keep strong (hugs) i have experienced the diets yet but that starts tuesday, but ive heard that the first 3/5 days can be hard
thank you! day three really sucked for me, had to spend it in bed! i really feel like im testing my determination atm, im just hoping i can keep it up! my bf keeps telling me im doing really well and that you can see a diff already but im in one of those states of mind atm where i just dont wanna believe him lol. im sure once ive had my first weigh in and seen the scales a few lbs lighter ill feel bit better. good luck with your start on tuesday, think weve got about the same amount to lose so we should keep checking in with eachother to keep us motivated!
Daisy do stick with it - it will soon be time for your weigh in and that will give you the motivating kick up the ar$e you need at the moment. Does your LLC offer a drop in? Maybe you could go to that and see how it's going so far.

Your boyfriend will understand what a tough time your having - go grab him for a cuddle and you'll both feel better :)
Hi Daisy

hang on in there I was exactly like you yesterday ! then got weighed today........................ SEVEN POUNDS , and I actually did not start last Saturday but waited until after the weekend !

Just wait until you get weighed... it gives you such a boost

thanks katie, trying to feel a bit more positive today. im not craving food as much today and no headache so maybe things are on the up! im not sure about the drop in thing, will ask them tomorrow! thanks!! x
kirsty, wow 7lbs in less than a week, thats amazing. i keep questioning whether i can actually do this or not and keep thinking ill never get to my goal but seeing how well other people are doing is kinda helping me stay focused
Glad you feel better today Daisy. Keep going you wont regret it I promise.
Keep at it Daisy, you can do it, you'll be so pleased you did when you get the results of the 1st weigh-in. I'm on my 1st week too on development, i did get to goal but did not complete m/ment so put a few pounds back on, this time though i WILL be completing m/ment.
GOOD LUCK. Rosie xx
see daisy it is worth it specially when the pounds just melt away. I mean near enugh a stone in a week! Thats fab hunny and just think itll never be coming back :) Hope things imrove for you. Im sending you hugs and good wishes.

Lisa xx
:wow: :wow: Brilliant result Daisy :clap:

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