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Having a bit of a wobble!!


Call me Linzi...
Hi Everyone

I started on Atkins yesterday & for the first time in ages I felt really liberated & in control of my eating!

I didn't get my usual afternoon slump & spent my entire day feeling satisfied without eating that much!

Woke up this morning feeling really positive, focused & knowing that I had spent my last day in the 18's!

Love reading about all your journeys!

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You sound really positive hun. I love Atkins. I'm using the principles of Atkins to maintain my weight.

Good luck and keep us all posted as to how you are getting on.x


Queen of the Damned
You do sound extremely positive - keep it up! :D


has started again!!
I agree, you sound so upbeat about this diet! It is great, I agree. Apart from a dodgy tum, I am loving this so far! Long may it continue, huh?!?



Call me Linzi...
Hi Guys

Thanks for all the support!

Day 2 was good except for the banging headache... thank heavens for tiger balm!! I'm in ketosis already so thats a good sign!

Felt like I was eating loads yesterday but the weight is still going down! Have lost 5lbs this week 3 of which is since starting Atkins.
I am actually amazed at how much veg is allowed on atkins you read all the media cr*p on how its 'such' a bad diet but atkins promotes a very natural way of eating I feel its not all fat cooked in fat!

Looking forward to my day 3 & loving the fact there is a recipe thread now... very handy! Keeping my tiger balm in my pocket tho!


Queen of the Damned
Well done you!!! :D I decided not to weigh in - the numbers always depress me :sigh: and am going by my jeans! I have a pair that I can wear now, a pair that I can nearly wear all day in comfort, and a pair that I can't yet do up. And I plan on working my way through those jeans! :D


Call me Linzi...
Had a good day today apart from a little slip up of 2 low carb shakes!

Felt like I wanted something that tasted like something sweet would... although the chocolate shake doesn't taste that sweet it did the trick & I really REALLY didn't want to succumb to 'just a little bit of something won't hurt' according to fitday even with the 5 carbs from my shakes I haven't gone over my 20 for induction but I am annoyed with myself for having something that I shouldn't on induction!! :mad:



Call me Linzi...
Headache subsided yesterday much quicker thankfully!

Woke up feeling like I needed to go for a run this morning so someone has snuck in & taken control of my body during the night!!

Have a busy day today which is handy considering the extra energy I'm feeling... feel really focused about my food again today this is just such an amazing feeling to not have to think about it!!

Had a good re-read of my book last night reminding me why its important to stick to the allowed foods on induction!

Woohooo... another fab day ahead! Have a good one everybody! xx


Call me Linzi...
Day 6 today & am still completely enjoying this WoE.
Headaches have gone & I'm not hungry at all... had to remind myself to have dinner on saturday! All cravings have completely disappeared which makes things SO much easier!

Another thing I have noticed is that I'm not so hot or perspiring like I used to do! Is it all just good good good on this diet?


Call me Linzi...
Struggling a bit today... weight hasn't moved since the weekend but TOTM has arrived with a vengance this morning so I'm guessing its water retention.

Feel like I want to have something a bit different to eat... not blow the diet but have been reading about the sero bars & wondering if its worth having some of those in the house for times like this?
I know TOTM will be contributing to this & no where near as strong as usual.

Didn't feel like eating this morning was tempted to have a low carb shake for breakfast but I need to learn about changing my eating habits... so I made myself cheesey scrambled eggs instead!


Queen of the Damned
Yep I've got TOTM as well and it definitely makes me want a little something - dunno why cos as you say doing lc I'm not hungry or anything like that :sigh: Hate that bloated tummy feeling, and can't seem to drink enough water - doesn't TOTM suck!?!

I did think about getting some of those SERO bars but being a lazy mare didn't get past 'thinking' about it :giggle:


Call me Linzi...
My first week on atkins at I've lost 5.2lbs (keeping the .2 as it'll all add up) but I update my ticker on a friday!

Guess I was hoping for more but I was low carbing everyother day with shakes before changing my WoE! And having totm isn't gonna help that either!

Decided to get some more low carb shake & sero bars but only allow myself max of 1 a day & only when I really really think I'll stray otherwise!


Queen of the Damned
Well done on dropping over 5 lbs :clap:


Call me Linzi...
Having just found my other Atkins books it would appear that I am having too much veg... I've been measuring it in grams but am going to do handfuls & tablespoons like my other book suggests... maybe thats why I've had such a slow weight loss this week!

Treated myself to a lovely glass of red wine last night... just needed it after the day I had yesterday & BOY did it taste lush! I was out like a light too... now I know I'm not allowed it on induction but I'm back on it today... took fresh measurements & have got myself a planner so I can accurately record everything as fitday is great but I'm not sure about the US-UK conversions!

So hopefully this week I'll have a better downwards move!!


Queen of the Damned
If 5lbs is slow loss, then bring it on!! :clap: I keep re-reading bits of the book and thinking 'I didn't realise that' :rolleyes:
Well i'm going to join you all on atkins......i've done the shopping and bought the books and very excited as i've been on cambridge for 9 weeks so the thought of food is just too much!!!!! i'm like that salivating dog!! So i'll share the highs (hopefully not too many lows!! but hey i'll share them with ya too) and good to read your progress too xxxxxxxxx


Call me Linzi...
Still struggling to deal with the fact my weight hasn't moved for over a week!
Still got ToTM so thats not helping at all!!!! :(

Went onto an Atkins forum & maybe I'm eating too much processed foods, ham, pepperami, babybel... so need to re-think my snacks etc as I maybe be holding onto water weight thru the sodium! :confused:

I am finding breakfasts a struggle as I just don't fancy eggs, meat, fish or cheese for breakfast... am going to order some low carb shakes so I can have one for breakfast.

Just a bit confused as to wether its ToTM thats doing this or something else... didn't expect to stall so early on! :cry:



Queen of the Damned
Hang on in there DB - have you taken any measurements?? :hug99:


Silver Member
I found that the flaxseed caused me to stall, i`ve also heard the shakes do the same thing to some people.
try omitting 1 food from your diet for a few days, just to make sure it`s not something like this.
Hope it starts dropping for you soon....

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