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Having a fourth pack


Working on it
Hi, I'm only 5ft 1 and normally on a VLCD would only have three packs a day but I find that my evenings are so bad for cravings and cheating at these times do you think it would be ok to have a fourth pack or a bar? I want to do TS and stick to it so don't want any WS meals, do you think it would slow down weight loss a lot? X
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I will do this!!!
have you tried splitting the 3 shakes throughout the day?


Working on it
That's a good plan, am trying to hold out at the moment because I'm not actually hungry just feel like nibbling! Lol x


Working on it
Am having a bar tonight which will make four packs for the day but that's cool with me, going to try the two shakes early and then a bar later in the day tomorrow xx


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TS is 600 cals a day, with ~14lbs per month loss
WS is ~1000 cals a day, with ~10lbs per month loss
If you went up to 4 packs per day, you'd be on ~800 cals per day, so presumably ~12lbs per month loss.

As the others say, I'd recommend splitting packs. If it's nibbles you're after, you can use a sharp knife and cut your bar into lots of small pieces, and have it like little sweets throughout the evening instead of having it all in one go.

I do the same sometimes with a peperami (they're only ~120cals, and I cut them into about 30 tiny pieces, and have them throughout the evening occassionally)
whenever I get "hungry" i always think rather than having a fourth pack which is 200 cals, i prefer to have some cucumber sticks or plain lettuce perhaps which is zero cal and fills the eating craving without taking you out of ketosis too xx


Working on it
Sadly for me it is a very slippery slope... I start at cucumber and not so slowly work my way up to Chinese! X

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