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Having a good Saturday?

Didn't get on site yesterday - was busy doing a 'Mega' shop - I now have ideas/ food for the next couple of weeks and hopefully will only have to shop for bread, fruit and veg.
Have been 'to see off' the SW float that is doing a tour of the Wirral today - they got chased from Asda!!!!!
Home for a brunch and tonight doing a little buffet for the family. Mine will have savoury rice, salad, baby potatoes and SW quiche or something similar.
Have had a very lazy week off work - must have needed it!!!! All the jobs that I had planned can wait!!!!! I am pleased that I have had 3 very good SW days including 2 EE.
What is everyone up to?
Have a good weekend.
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Thank you so much, after having 3 really good sw days, I went a a retirement do last night (indian meal) I don't each much indian so had my usual chicken tikka masala and 2 popadoms everyone else had starters and I even stuck to diet coke and drove, which is really good for me anyway, when i got home my OH had invited my brother and s-i-law round for drinks and something to eat ARRRHHH! They both have done the diet but are def not on it now, my other half won't touch SW food, but after reading your thread they are def getting quiche, rice and salad why let myself down THANKS xx
me not up to much today, had tesco just been with food, so just put that all away. not sure what to have for tea later. oh not back from work let so will see what he wonts tonight, just hope he dont say take away.:eek:
may go out for walk later with kids, thinking about joining national trust.?
and thats about it for me,
Still on plan, as always. Just had a toasted BL(noT) with mayo LOL.

Doing very little as my back has decided to give way on me, and as of getting her ready for bed last night, my 3 yr old has chicken pox! Oh joy!! LOL
hi annie68 sorry to hear about your little one haveing chicken pox, poor thing, my 3 children had it all at the same time youngest was
3 mounths. at time, hope get better soon x x
Mrs S - You are welcome, just searching for a recipe that was at our 'taster' evening the other night - it was a macaroni pasta bake - it was delicious cold.
Hubby is wanting to lose some weight - have suggested SW???? Sons eat quite a few of SW recipes.:D
Claire - We used to be a member of the NT, it was good although we exhausted all the sites locally.:cool:
Annie - poor you a bad back and a child with chickenpox.:eek:
Well I have had a lovely brunch - just trying to chase hubby and son into the garden so that I can get on with housework - I get so much done when I am on my own eldest son watching footie so he is going to be 'given' the ironing.:8855:
Speak later.
Found the recipe it is pasta pie so off to make that for the buffet and I am going to enjoy a nice glass of white wine while I make it.
I have to confess to another lazy day - think I know why, I normally get up early, but this week I have been having a later start to the day. Although rather pleased with myself that I have not eaten rubbish while sitting around.
Going on a 4 day first aid course next week so not actually back in school until Friday, not looking forward to the course really - I don't like having to 'take part in the role play' - they have advised us to wear loose clothing.:8855:
Just realised it is nearly half past 5 and still light so I can feel those evening walks
lurking - really must do some exercise.
Speak soon.
I've had a fairly busy day, was supposed to be taking my little boy for his swimming lesson this morning but he woke up poorly so we went to my friends instead who I haven't seen for a few weeks and she noticed my weight loss, then cam home, had some lunch (scrambled eggs and beans for me) and had to take daughter for her piano and singing lessons, I did some food shopping came home, cooked tea (pasta for me!) packed kids off to my dad's for the night and I'm going to now chill for the evening before my 12 mile run first thing in the morning!, hubby's off to work shortly (he's on nights) so I will have the house to myself, well, me and the dog.

I have just made couscous cake and I'm not sure about it really, I think it needed to be a bit sweeter
hi all!!!
Annie sorry to hear your little one has chicken pox -poor thing!!
Well Ive run around and not accomplished much today. Picked up a new car, took my other car to garageto have brakes checked and now working! That was my day!! Not done any housework!! Oops!
hi all!!!
Annie sorry to hear your little one has chicken pox -poor thing!!
Well Ive run around and not accomplished much today. Picked up a new car, took my other car to garageto have brakes checked and now working! That was my day!! Not done any housework!! Oops!
Well Saturday is my day for going hiking, weather permitting, and today was a good walking, we started off at 9am and got back to the car at 5pm, lets hope the exercise has done me some good as far as the scales are concerned.
I have had a great day today,bad SW wise but great otherwise! lol

The house is spotless and we had OH's sister round with her kids earlier, it was nice to see them. We have just been out for an indian with OH's dad and wife, it was lovely but now i am very tipsy!
Hi Irene,

Thanks for the tips again, on Saturday I made pasta n sauce quiche, salad, dry roast new potatoes, pasta salad and made Lean Lamb kofta made with mint sauce and made a yogurt and mint sauce all sooooooooooooo good and sin free or low in sins it was gorgeous and drank vodka and diet coke. All in all it was a great night and stuffed myself with sinfree things instead of a take out!!!!

Today i've had beans on wholemeal toast
and sin free quorn spag bol with a little grated cheese

Is sugar free jelly sin free?
I can still have something else now heyyy!

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