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Having a horrible day :(

Not diet wise or well i suppose so well anyway today got up had my tetra and then went for my hair done...lovely :) then i took my mum shopping and we decided to go for my test drives but they didn't have any diesels for me to test grrr then we went to pet shop got bunnies £30 worth of treats then went to boots and asda then we were gonna go to bingo with my sister so we got home unpacked and i went upstairs to give my bunnies their treats gave miffy (the one who's got a respiratory infection) a rabbit donut and she started choking, she's not been eating for 2 days which is VERY abnormal and i'd only had her at the vets on thursday so bingo went out the window and had to rush her up to the emergency vets and they told me they'd have to operate on her to see what was wrong but told me bunnies and anaesthetic aren't very good together and they more often than not stop breathing or their heart stops so i was in floods of tears and the vet was very apologetic and said if it happened they'd do whatever they could but she had to inform me of the risks so i went back crying my eyes out coz she's my baby and about 30mins ago they rang to say they'd operated and she'd come round from the anaesthetic and they'd found to large calcium spores on her back teeth that'd rubbed an ulcer on her tongue my poor baby so i'm very upset with my vets after i took her to them on thursday coz she was drooling and he said her teeth were fine but the emergency vets said you can't check unless anaesthetising them so think i may be chaging vets again anyway i've only had 1 litre of water today and only just had my 2nd tetra and i'm just feeling so stressed out and feel like i need a giant hug and poor parsley (my other bunny) doesn't have a clue what's going on he's moping about looking for miffy but hopefully she'll be home tomorrow anyway thanks for listening hope everyone's having a good day hugs xxx
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Sarah M

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oh you poor thing, pets are part of our families and its just awful when something is wrong with them, im sending you a big cyber hug (and squeezing really tight). Wishing your baby a speedy recovery xxxx
Thankyou, i dread to think what i'll be like when i have kids xx

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
ha ha i know what you mean, my little cat sunny is my baby, i havent been on holiday for 3 years as i didnt want to leave her, we went away this week and it was sooo horrid leaving her, had a lovely time but its good to be back with her! x
I'm gonna dread going on honeymoon coz it means leaving them for 2 whole weeks the longest i've been away from them is 3 days and i missed them like crazy. Just hope Parsley doesnt sulk for too long coz i've taken his wife away from him
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Oh Nina I'm so sorry to hear about Miffy, there is nothing worse than when our pets are poorly as you feel so helpless and they can't tell you what's wrong so I really feel for you. Hopefully now they have found the problem Miffy will soon be back to her normal self soon. Sending you big big hugs XX:hug99::hug99::hug99:

Thanks Georgie, it was that hour whilst waiting to c how the op went that was horrid but i feel a lot better now she's awake again but would love to give her a big cuddle, no doubt she'll sulk for 3 days when she gets home lol
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
They usually do!! One of our cats had to have an operation earlier this year and she played on it for weeks when we got her home! Glad you are feeling a little better this evening.

when we were in the vets she was climbing up me trying to get me to take her home with me the poor thing. Parsley will just have to give her oodles of hugs tomorrow when she comes home

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