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Having a Panic

We're all booked for 3 weeks in Florida at the end of April, but I'm having a sudden panic about the theme parks.. I'm 5'4, currently weigh 16st (size 20), although I am hoping to lose another 2st before we go, but I'm worrying myself sick that I won't fit on any of the rides.. It would be totally humiliating - especially as the whole of my hubby's family will be with us.. :cry:
Wise words anyone?
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I'm 5'6 and fit on everything at Alton Towers, Drayton Manor and Thorpe Park (did a theme park road trip in the summer!) when I was 15 stone 9. Plus, if my memory is correct, the seats in Florida are more ample anyway so I wouldn't worry at all, especially if you lose the extra 2 stone before you go :)

use it as a goal to work towards and a reward!! it's the best place in the world!
I was also going to say that I am guessing american seats will be bigger .... but even if they arent .... at that weight ( and possibly even 2 stone less :) ) you will be fine ....... I had a friend who didnt fit on some alton towers rides but she was 24 stone ....
My DH is 5XL and fits on EVERYTHING at Disney. He struggles at Universal but is much bigger than you. At a size 20, you should be fine - as another poster said, the seat sizes are a bit more generous than here (though I've heard the harry potter ones are a bit tight). Also, lots of rides have 'tester' seats to try out before you get in the queue - it really won't be a problem. Have a fantastic time and don't worry. I wish I was going in April - I have to wait till October. If you need more reassurance, check out the dibb - there is a spreadsheet posted on there somewhere that tells you about larger people's experience of the rides and attractions in all the parks. One word of warning - if you go on the Jimmy Neutron ride in Universal, wear a good bra !
thanks for the reassurance :)
yeah its not WDW im worried about - ive researched it & shouldn't have any problems there.. its just IOA & Universal thats got me a bit worried. i cant wait to go - ive never been before, but i dont want to go & end up being heartbroken! Xx
hi, i was 18.7 when i went and fitted on all rides, but i know the feeling bout stressing beforehand. you'll be fine esp with another 2 stone off, but i was bigger than you and was just about ok,good luck x
I 21st when I last went to Florida and had no problem on any rides in any of the parks.
Alot of them have the pull down bars that obviously stop at your belly!!
And yes, they do have much larger seats because...well...have you seen the size of some of the americans!!!???
They are that big that they can even hire the disabliity scooters at the parks!! but this then means they get to the front of all the queues due to them being 'disabled' no fair really.
You will be just fine and will have a fantastic time. x

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