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Having a really bad day, I could cry

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As far as the diet is going things are going well, I am really proud of the fact I have lost almost a stone and a half and was beginning to feel good again, so much so we were going to the cinema tonight, our first night out in almost a year. I ordered myself a top and some trousers from Next, had a shower did my hair and makeup, tried the outfit on :(

I looked like the back end of a bus, the trousers, size 14, I could only just get on, I was a size 14 still when I was a stone and a half heavier and I am gutted that I seem to have lost all this weight but I have no idea where it's gone as it certainly isn't going from my fat backside.

So, completely deflated, I am fed up now of still having to wear the same pair of jeans (that aren't any looser than they were when I started), I exercise like mad (I run 30 miles a week), so much for toning you up!

I got changed, have parcelled the outfit up to go back scrubbed all my make up off and refused to go out. I don't feel good about myself anymore, I hate the way I look and I just feel like I am the only person in the world who is never going to get to where I want to be.

Why can't I just learn to accept myself and feel happy about the way I look?
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(((((Hugest Hugs)))))

It's possible - even probable, that Next sizes are smaller than other shops. I bet if you measured the waistband on those trousers and measured the waistband of something else you have in a 14, you'll find the Next ones measure small.

Please don't get too disheartened. You've done fabulously so far xxx


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don't beat your self up, go and put your make up back on and go to the cinema, what about your partner was he not looking forward to going out with you??
don't let this ruin your night, the weight must have gone somewhere or you have magic scales that get lighter wih time.
and yes next clothes ARE a different size than other shops.

running burns more calories than toning up, yeah you'll probably have good leg muscles at the end of it. but if you want to tone up, your butt you need to be doing stuff like squats. and other shape changing moves that are weight bearing.

come on girl smile, get some nice clothes on and go out.


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And I know that it's no consolation but weight comes off your hips last. Probably something to do with our hormones and child-bearing but very frustrating.


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I can relate - am a stone and a half down but still got my size 14 trousers on and 12's won't fit! I think the key thing to do like tryer suggested is to do toning exercises like sit-ups and squats - I know this is something I need to do to get to the next stage, good luck sweetie and please don't let this stop you from carrying on to achieve your end goal, we'll all get there!!!

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