Having a really bad day!!!!!


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Hi I just thought I would come on here and have a mini rant if anything why do the weekends have to be so hard I am so hungry today my stomach has not stopped growling have drunk more to try and help but its not working!!!!I was cutting up the kids lunch and burned myself on the food so licked it off before thinking. I still have the shopping to be delivered which will be really hard as its in front of me.I also think there must be a big sign outside my front door I had 5 fast food leaflets put though the door yesterday.
Sorry feel free to ignore am having one of those days
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youve done the best thing. youve come on here and ranted to get it out of your system. so much better than heading to the bread bin. chin up, youll get through it.


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hey huni, we all have bad days and its so much harder for you coz you have a family to feed. it must be so hard for you to have to be around food all the time. i think what you need is to do something to pamper/relax yourself. you definitely need something to take your mind off the diet. this evening get a really nice bubble bath ready for yourself and just relax.

for the past week i have been designing a menu for my brother in laws new take away and i must admit i have spent half my time drooling!.. its hard work hun, but you can do it. we all need to think of our goals and when times get rough just keep those goals in your mind and then it will all pass and you'll feel a whole lot better... xxx

you did a good thing to come online and let it out. keep doing that when you have a bad day! xx