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Having A Really Rubbish Time-----help!!!


Started the diet a couple of weeks ago and was full of enthusiasm, WHY IS IT THAT AS SOON AS I START TO DIET SOMETHING ALWAYS HAPPENS SO I FALL OF THE WAGGON? Needless to say I have not been to WI and have put on 3lbs extra than I was before.:(

I won't go into details but it has all been very upsetting. I am going to go to a Thursday class instead and have re-started today so I will keep trying.

Sorry for whinging about it I know its my fault, I should have more willpower - I WANT TO BE THINNER FOR MY HOLS IN JULY:)
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I am the same way with diets and I just need to get to the point where I am truly motivated to loose to stay with it to be honest. Otherwise it just doesn't work.

i wish there was an easy answer or way to make it click, but the important bit is that you are still trying. I have taken to exercising to keep me motivated, one because I loose faster and 2 because after exercising it seems pointless to ruin all that hard work eating crap, and 3 because it means that if I do have a blow out for whatever reason, I can exercise that bit harder to avoid a gain, I may not lose that week but more importantly I won't gain.

Good luck honey!

Awww hun life is a ***** and smacks you on yer ass when you least expect it.
Everyone has times where your going along quite happily and then bamm you get knock off your way.
I totally feel for you hun, Im guessing your a comfort eater, like me, But i have had to learn not to turn to food everytime something goes wrong and its made me a stronger person for it.

Thats where people go wrong...turning to food for comfort, i first realised i done that when my parents split up when i was younger....it made me feel better to eat 3 mars bars, but of coarse that high doesnt last for long and then i had to find something else to make me feel better again. It turned into a vicious circle which landed me weighing 13st at the age of 12!!

So i know where your coming from and im sure other people on this forum can relate to the food=comfort cycle.

It got so bad i asked my GP to send me to a Psychologist who deals with emotional upset ect and she made me think differently, dont get me wrong after 5yrs i still have to think not to turn to food everytime something goes wrong, but im getting there and the weight is coming off.

Sorry if ive gone on a bit but i thought id let you know there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of us.

Ruthy xxx:)


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I am a comfort eater and I am the queen of self sabotage! We all know how you are feeling, it's not whinging it's sharing. It's what we are here for. I had a whole disasterous year in 2005 where we ended up homeless for 4 months, my grandad got cancer at the beginning of the summer then died in the september and just as I was trying to pull myself together again I tore a cartilledge in my knee and had a 3 month spell off my normal duties and had to work in my managers office which really got me down. It all had a disasterous effect and I ended up the year heavier than I had started it.

In the new year of 2006 I pulled myself together and got it back on track. I'd wished I'd done it sooner but you can't force these things.Don't give up, you know you can do it but you have to be in the right 'place'. Share your low spots with us and we will help you get through it as best we can x
Sounds like we've all been there .

Ruthy xxx
Thanks all your comments have helped me, I wish I could just stick to a diet for a change. My wardrobe is full of lovely clothes I can't get in because I always buy a size or two smaller hoping that I will actually get in them. I thought I could re-join on Thursday but my nearest SW is on a Monday so I will have to wait until then. I will keep you all posted x.

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