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Having a tough time

Hi someone at my LLT meeting told me about this website so thought I would give it a try...... I have been on LLT since January and have lost 11.3kg's but I have hit a tough time and am finding it really difficult to get back into it. My first group closed because the councellor moved to another area and my second group the councellor has left. I am now on my third councellor and am finding it really tough. I know it is about my journey and not the councellor but i mean 3 of them in just over 2 months......... I have also recently been through a tough time personally and fell off the wagon and am now finding it really difficult to get back on track....... does anyone have any advice or tips?????????:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Hi welcome sorry to hear about you having a hard time. Changing councillors like that must be unsettling. I think if you use the boards here you will get loads of support!!!

There is currently a few people struggling myself included although been better this week. Fir me breaking it down into manageable chunks like morning afternoon etc worked for me xx


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Hun. Don't beat yourself up. We're only human. We can slip up sometimes and that's a part of the learning process.
My advice to you would be, like doves said.
Try to take each day at a time. Break it down. Set yourself smaller goals. There are a few threads on here that help us- strugglers get through the tough time.
I've created a thread on a 30 day challenge. You're more than welcome to join in and just take it one step at a time. There's a 7 day one too if you need to take it even slower. Whatever helps you see this till the end!
Regardless of the situation with counsellors (which hasn't been the best in my case neither) we are here for each other which helps tremendously!
Good luck Hun!

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Hello Wendy
Welcome to Minimins
Sorry you seem to have been messed about with your LLCs. Hoipefully you can settle now and get some real support from your LLC and new group. The books are really helpful too - and we are all here to support you too.
I suspect you've hit the nail on the head yourself when you say you've been going through a tough time personally lately. Most of us with weight issues are emotional eaters and LL will certainly help you deal with that.
Good luck.


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Hi Wendy and welcome, there isn't anything for me to add to what the lovely ladies have already said other than keep checking into here the inspiration you will get is unbelievable and believe me however you are feeling there is always someone else in the same situation and the advice flowing, which is great. Hopefully now you are on your 3rd LLC this one might stay once settled things will fall into place for you I am sure. Break the day up into small chunks say every 4 or 5 hours and go from there, anyway look forward to hearing all about your journey x


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Hi and welcome. you've found the right place. You haven't had the best time with your LLC's but these guys are just as good. We're all on here at least once a day so post till your hearts content and we'll answer. I'm on week 3 and luckily found this site in my 1st week. and I can't tell you how much everyone has helped and kept me going.


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Hi Wendy,

Welcome to the group, you will find everyone's really lovely and supporting. Offering timely advice and help as and when you need it.

Hopefully this will help with the unsettling time you're finding at your group.

Kirstie x
Hi Wendy, welcome, you'll find loads of support here and of course the inspiration on here is super when you are feeling down. I'm on wk 3 and finding that it has got a bit easier now.
Hi everyone that has posted.... Well this week has started off much better and like you have all suggested I am taking it one day at a time and it has helped a lot. Also breaking my day down and planning for each part of the day has helped more than I thought possible..... I keep thinking i just need to get past the morning, then afternoon and then evening and breaking up my foodpacks has helped too... Thanks again for all the support and I am so glad I was told about the sight......


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Well done for sticking with it, breaking it don does make it easy I agree! x


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Wendy, i'm so glad you found this site. i love this place. together everyone celebrates success and is brilliant at kicking bum (ever so gently) when requires. This is a judgement free place and for me it has meant i've had the support to lose the weight.
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