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having a weight goal in mind

just joined slimming world today had my first weigh in aswell little dauting but was i thinking the main reason i wanted to go was obviously for a healthier life for me and the kids and also to feel better.but i had a target in mind i would ideally like to be a certain weight for when i go on holiday nxt may is that so wrong too look so far ahead or iam i just setting myself up for a fall if i dont achieve it?? :sigh:
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Hi Mate

I personaly don't like setting 'targets' for specific weights/dates. I really think it adds unnecessary pressure and often leads to feeling like a failure (even though there HAS been a substantial weight loss).

I know plently of people on here use targets to motivate, and it works for them, so I guess it is down to the individual.

I personally always wanted a steady, slow, maintainable weight loss and so far have been very successful in that- I feel this is because I put no pressure on myself whatsoever.

Just one more thing.....you posted this in the 'syn' section, which is why you haven't received any other responses yet. For future reference, posts in the main SW forum will generate lots of responses (don't worry- we have all been newbies and done it a little wrong at 1st :))

Good luck

Hi Sonya:welcome:

A lot of people set themselves a main target but then lots of little targets in between. That way you get a feeling of achievement as you are going through. For example, perhaps you have 30lbs to lose overall, but just to go down a dress size is a major achievement and should be rewarded:scale:, obviously not with a trip to the cake shop though :8855:.

Don't forget:
  • It is quite normal to find that your weight goes up and down during the process as it is very difficult to completely cut out all the treats in your life, the key is to forgive yourself and move on.
  • If you find that you are consistenly staying the same or going up keep a food diary, it's surprising how easy it is to forget that bag of crisps you ate when you are totting up the syns for the day.
  • The members of your Slimming World group and everyone here can help with moral support and advice on tested recipes or syn values:gen147:
Good luck hun, we're all behind you :talk017:

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