having an operation today

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Hey Dehli , best of luck for your op ( i dont usually use the word luck im a break a leg kinda girl but with your op i better not say that !) you will do great at not putting weight on while your laid up xx


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Just wanted to ask you about your bypass op. I went to see my doctor yesterday to ask him about it. How long have you had to wait for this op?


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Best of luck ladies on your ops.... will be sending you both happy positive healing thoughts to get you through your day. :)


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Good luck and I hope all is well :flowers:


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My op went fine, my foot is bandaged and I have to wear an orthopaedic shoe for hobbling about. I ate quite a bit of comfort food over the weekend but I'm back doing slimming world now. If I stay the same weight next time I go to meeting I'll be happy, as I'm not using any energy up sitting around with my foot elevated.


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Hi glad your op went ok, mine was fine as well.....no pain can you imagine a gastric bypass and no pain! Only had soluable painkillers since the op and then only to help with the swelling....just had a lovely shower and washed my hair so now going to sit and watch tv and make the most of it...oh and I dont feel hungry at all....have a speedy recovery and you will soon be back on track...xx