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Having another go at it!!!!!


Starting over
Hi all,
I joined this forum a while ago and though I don't post very much I do read a lot and am very inspired by you all. I went to slimming world a few months ago and lost 81bs then promptly put it all back on and more! I guess I am like a lot of people, I mean well but don't keep at it and lose will power. Then I try again and fail, then I join the 'Sod it' club and carry on as normal. I also feel that like a lot of people I don't sit and eat pizzas and crisps every night and drink gallons of beer and yet I still have weight problems!! I am no saint as I like a bit of cake, but I don't pig out and I eat all the right things eg wholemeal bread and low fat stuff etc. I think my weight problem is more due to not being very active. I need to really get motivated as my health is suffering and my consultant has suggested bariatric surgery. This frightens me to be honest and I have to let him know on Tuesday if I want to go ahead... I told him last time I saw him that I would try to lose weight in the 6 months on my own. Needless to say, I haven't.... Why?? I don't know, I suppose It just hasn't sunk in that I have a serious problem... I have 4 stones to lose and really want to do it. I just don't know what it is that makes me think Oh well, a bowl of weetabix for supper and a milky coffee can't be too bad and a little tiddly choccy bar here and there won't make a difference!! I suppose it's the accumulation of all the little bitty extras that add up rather than 'pig outs' thats stopping me. I am rambling on so will stop now. I have all the SW books, info and support from this group so I am going to try again. I may fail.... but then I may just succeed!!! Thanks for reading folks....
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Hello and good luck. I find the best way to get the most support from forums or SW classes is to be very active and chat to people then you feel part of the group and can reach out for help when you need it.

Are you going back to a meeting? I am a big fan of meetings but know they are not for everyone, just the commitment of weighing in each and every week keeps me in track .

The beauty of SW is that anytime night and day there is something that you can eat so supper time, maybe you can't have that weetabix but you could have some synfree chips or a a sliced apple dipped in yogurt or a mug shot you just have to have a house fully of yummy food you can eat.

Good luck and post often.


Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi there and welcome.

I think we have all at some stage or another been a member of the "Sod it" club!
Dont plow into the SW and think that you will fail...if you do it properly you will succeed and there is plenty of support for you when you need it.
Good luck Hun and you CAN do it!


Starting over
Thanks Teresa,

I'm not sure if I am going back to group yet, it depends on work and finances etc. I have everything I need eg books etc. so will probably go it alone with the help of this forum which is just so good... The help and support here is incredible. Great suggestions you gave there about mugshots etc. I haven't tried them but will get some. You are also right about making sure all the right foods are in the house! I guess ultimately it's all about good planning. My problem is that I am so busy in so many areas of my life with work, home and family (like most people) that I tend to put the Wii session off till tomorrow and fall back in to my old routine of running around like a headless chicken and not getting anywhere. My motto should definitely be 'must try harder' D x
You might ask your doctor if you can have a 12 week referral for SW (some areas do this) instead of the surgery!

I do agree that having the right foods in place is key. I had a bike accident last week and have cut my chin, fractured a tooth that i had to remove and then got the socket infected, and have trauma to my jaw. So i am on a soft diet, for the first few days i decided that bread and butter and choc mousse were the only things i could eat! But after a big shock at the scales yesterday I have now shopped and cooked and filled my fridge with loads of soft food so i have no excuses.

Good luck.



Starting over
Thanks Mrs V

You are right about positive attitude. I seem to be on a soul searching journey today lol... For the most part, I am a happy, joking, get on with it type person. There is however an inner me which is for some reason somewhat apprehensive, worried and depressed. I have spoken to the doc about this and I don't have clinical depression, I have hormonal fluctuations since my hysterectomy. I really do think if I could soak up some of yours and the other members positivity that I would be able to pick up the batton and run with it!! (literally lol ) and shake off these terrible feelings of woe... I am very lucky as I have a great hubby and lovely family... of course I have all the usual trials that go with a family that cause worry eg. poorly mum, grown up kids struggling with finances etc.. I need to stop whinging and get on with it.... Thanks for reading folks...


Excited about the new me!
Welcome back Dabhand.

I think SW is all about planning and tracking, when you get into that mode, it just sails on, save your syns for any eves out and still stay on track with food. Exercise, make time for yourself and enjoy it. I love SW and have tried so many other diets, WW and Cambridge too, and I enjoy SW because its a plan where you can eat freely and know that you are allowed. Some peoples losses are good and some are slower, but I read a thread recently which said something like.. ~Think of your losses like a bucket of water, where a dripping tap will fill it up, it may take longer then a tap thats pouring, but that bucket will get full and those lb's will more and more as time goes on, til you are then at target.

Then, its still needs to be maintained, so its a life plan.. and if you can get your head around that, then you will start to enjoy what you do and eat. x

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